Where To Go For All Your Beauty Needs

Having always sort of taken a less nothing is more approach to my beauty routine, I learnt early on that in order to be this embarrassingly lazy when it comes to beauty things, you need to have a strong base… and by that I mean if you are going to wear barely any make-up on a good day, your skin better be on point. I’m talking perfectly smooth, glow-y, and preferably hairless

Cue Australian Laser & Skin ClinicHaving never really been the type to spend hours a week at different facial appointments or waxing expeditions, laser hair removal and laser facial treatments seemed like a much more permanent and much less timely option. Plus the treatments are surprisingly fast and practically pain free (… or perhaps I just have tough skin… puns). Either way, I’ve actually gotten right around this well known Melbourne clinic. Having only been for a few treatments so far, it is actually quite exciting to see such amazing results so quickly! I’m really looking forward to seeing how my skin continues to improve in coming months and how little I can continue to do when it comes to make-up/anything else beauty related. So far I’ve been visiting their Melbourne Central clinic and have found the clinicians to be incredibly kind, friendly and easy to talk to. Plus they don’t mind me asking a million and one questions every time I go in… Yep, I’m that person. I’m thinking about testing out a few of the different services available at the clinic too, so will keep you updated with results and what else I try out!

In the meantime, the clinic has an amazing introductory offer running if you join up, where you can receive 50% off laser hair removal and 20% skin treatments on your first treatment, plus a variety of other seriously good offers currently available to view online. 

Have you guys ever done laser hair removal or any other skin treatments before? If so, what have your experiences been like? I’m pretty new to these kinds of treatments so would love to know your experiences!


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