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Growing up, I was always the ‘creative-type’. I’d spend school holidays scrapbooking, DIY-ing clothes and knitting and whenever I did venture outside (which was
barely ever for the purpose of exercise/sport), I had a disposable camera with me. I’d usually chuck some crazy outfit on; a combination of items I found in my mums wardrobe, something I had made and something I had picked up from the op-shop. I’d drag my younger brother out into the front yard and make him take photos of my outfits… Interestingly, not a lot has changed since then, and ironically it is now my full time job. Only difference? I have better outfits.

But even still, the passion for photography, fashion, creation – has always been there – far before I even knew what passion was. I am constantly finding new excuses and new ways to create more, whether it be making over-the-top birthday cards for my boyfriend, or taking a million and one polaroids over the weekend…

Anywho… speaking of the weekend, yesterday I came across my mums old film camera. It is a CANON AE-1 w/ 50mm lens in absolutely perfect condition. With a big week of events and meetings ahead, I thought I’d try shoot some content in film this week. Plus, the fact that it is a fraction of the size of my DSLR is a real bonus. Only issue? I usually take about 200 shots before I am happy with 1… so shooting more selectively could be challenging. Also, having grown up in the digital age, I know barely anything about film photography, but I am looking forward to giving it a go nonetheless.

Do you have an experience with film photography? If so and you have any tips, let me know below!

5 thoughts on “On Film

  1. Film is fun. One thing to do with film is expose for the shadows so you don’t underexpose your negatives.

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  3. I started shooting and developing film in 1987. I was 20 years old. In 1999, shortly after my son was born, I bought a digital point-n-shoot camera but continued shooting film. I was 32 years old. In 2006 I bought my first DSLR and stopped using film. I was 39 years old. In my opinion, anything that can achieved with film can be achieved with a digital camera. I think the current resurgence of film is purely nostalgia. I don’t miss the hours spent in a darkened room inhaling poisonous chemical fumes. I don’t miss the noise in film. I don’t miss the film grain. I don’t miss the faded look. But some people seem to think film is the only way to make pictures.

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