The Vintage Leather Satchel You Need Right Now

Today I wanted to share with you a vintage-inspired leather bag brand I have recently discovered called Beara Beara.

Having always loved the feel of vintage-inspired bags and satchels, this stunning piece from Beara Beara is no different. With an incredibly inspiring story behind the brand, this truly is a leather bag brand to know. Beara Beara offers a wide range of high quality pieces, with an obvious attention to detail and craftsmanship like no other. The brands strong British influence is obvious in all the design elements and the affordable price tag makes it an easy pick. I was interested to learn about how the brand remains unique in a world where high-street fashion reigns, but by sourcing vintage materials and keeping a close tie to their connection to Bolivia (where the brand originated), they are able to create a point of difference in a market place where quality isn’t always given first priority. Beara Beara creates for the people who value quality, design & craftsmanship over fast fashion and with this in mind, they have established a very well respected company.

I paired my new Santa Anna Leather Satchel from Beara Beara with a floral summer dress, black boots and gold details, but it is the kind of classic item that really would go with anything. I love that it fits my laptop, wallet and all the other things I-really-don’t-need-to-carry-with-me-but-do-anyways and the personalised monogram touch is ever so chic and stylish.

Do yourself a favour and check out Beara Beara, I can assure you – you won’t be disappointed! And use the code ‘jessicaandlove’ for 15% off any purchase until 25 December!

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