Lime Green

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. I spent the weekend catching up on work, furniture shopping with my best friend and sipping soy lattes at various cafes around Melbourne.

The LV belt is a recent addition to my wardrobe and I really love pairing it back with super easy/cheap basics, like this lime green mens tee from H&M and the vintage trousers I literally wear every single day (see here for details). Also, I recently added a little extra colour to my hair. I told my one and only hairdresser (Michelle from Rubi Hair Melbourne – Richmond Salon – she is literally the best just FYI), that I wanted to look like I’d spent some time in the sun and definitely not at a hair salon, and she literally did just that. She is amaze and you all should go to her ASAP for all your hair requirements – just sayin’.


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