Where Does My Inspiration Come From?

Today I wanted to have a chat about inspiration.

I get a lot of questions on my Instagram about where I get my inspiration from and what it is that inspires me on a daily basis. To me, inspiration is a bit of a funny one. It comes and goes in waves and it is something that as a creative, I am constantly seeking out and looking for everywhere I go. It doesn’t seem to matter how ridiculously inspired I am to create a particular type of image, in a particular type of light, wearing a particular kind of outfit, standing in front of a particular kind of background – it kind of never really feels enough – in fact, even when I am able to achieve the kind of vibe/photo I was inspired to create in the first place, the minute that particular ‘project’ (or otherwise) is complete, it is pretty much back to the drawing board… or in my case, back to the mood board. It can be frustrating sometimes – in fact, if I am honest – a lot of the time, as although thankfully I do often feel inspired, achieving the desired image or creative asset is not always as doable. Whether it is time/money restraints or perhaps it’s as simple as sometimes things just don’t turn out the way you thought they would in your mind. In recent years I’ve sort of just learnt to take this aspect of creating in my stride and I guess rather than letting it get me down, I just try and find new ways to create better next time. Plus, if everything went absolutely perfectly every single time I tried to create something – my job/life in general would end up feeling pretty boring…

Anyways, I guess I haven’t really answered the question yet though have I? Where exactly do I get my inspiration from? Well I guess the truth is that I get my inspiration from everywhere, everyone and everything. Whether it be a hidden treasure I find in my mums wardrobe (example this vintage Versace belt I am wearing in these photos!!) or this conveniently placed red car/red door/chic-flower situation we stumbled upon whilst shooting in Fitzroy earlier today… But on days where inspiration doesn’t seem to come as easily, I will look to Pinterest/Tumblr, my favourite movies that I have watched a million and one times before, books, magazines and more often than not – SATC (if you are unfamiliar with the acronym, you do not watch enough of my instagram stories…).

In movies I usually seek inspiration from the way a film is shot, the lighting, the colours or the outfits and will use these ideas as inspiration to create imagery that aligns with my own personal aesthetic and style. From books and magazines, I find the mood or vibe of a character or model can sometimes evoke inspiration and because of this I always keep near to me certain words/images that may inspire an idea or concept in times when I am feeling less creative. Lastly, someone who I have spoken about a few times on my blog in the past is my Mum and her incredible sense of style. A HUGE amount of my favourite wardrobe pieces like these vintage LEVIS jeans or these JAG beige trousers were items I found nestled away deep in Mum’s closet. Her sense of style, particularly as she was growing up, was and still is elegant, comfortable, chic but also has personality and interest… aka the vibe I have been somewhat trying to achieve since forever and always.

Although I do have a relatively specific personal style and aesthetic that is somewhat apparent across all my imagery, I never view my aesthetic as fixed or unchangeable, in fact I like to believe my personal style is in a constant state of development, refinement and change and more often than not – just depends on my mood of the day. In saying that, I guess there are a few things I would just never wear or never shoot. Not because they aren’t beautiful or fabulous in their own right – but more so I guess they just aren’t me. For example – although I do love to wear colour and play around with all sorts of colours, patterns and textures, it is unlikely that you’d ever see me in a head-to-toe bright/patterned/colourful look – it just really isn’t my vibe, and instead I would prefer to mix for example a red tee with white pants, gold jewels and other monochrome accessories (LIKE THIS LOOK) as opposed to an overly complex, super colourful get-up.

Anywaysssss, that is all for today. Over the next couple of weeks I am hoping to share a few of the mood-boards I create when seeking inspiration and also some of my favourite books/movies/tv-shows that I often turn to as well, so let me know if you liked this post and I will continue to share more!

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