White Top

A couple of shots from yesterdays coffee break.

Mum and I sat at Kirk’s Wine Bar in the city (one of my absolute fave spots in Melbourne just as an aside) for lunch. We shared some polenta chips and dessert, because – Monday.

Anyways, my outfit was super chill – I love wearing all white with gold details all year round and yesterday was no exception. I got this little white top from H&M last week and the trousers from UNIQLO. Belt is vintage Versace (rescued from Mum’s wardrobe and now proudly owned/stolen by me) and my gold necklaces are from CINCO, JOLIE & DEEN or vintage.

I couldn’t find the exact pieces I am wearing online, but the top and pants are in store now! Here are a few similar ones though for all your online shopping needs! 🙂

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