Bit of Film

I love playing around with shooting film and although I am not overly good at it and definitely have not yet managed to get past the ‘auto’ setting, I still love the element of surprise when you get to see the final shots a few days (or weeks in my case here…) later. So here are a few shots from the last couple of weeks.

I always forget to bring my film camera around with me and when I do have it, forget to shoot with it- so I end up taking one snap from each day/moment – which is kind of nice but also makes for literally zero choice when it comes to selecting shots to post! So here are only a few of my faves out of the roll. 

Enjoyyyy x

Views from recent trip to Sydney

just because flowers from my love

Picnic on Jacquie’s farm 

city strolls searching for coffee & sweet treats

Quick snap from a rainy day in Melbourne – shot mid shoot with Jolie & Deen

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