A Night With Chaumet

When it comes to diamonds and tiaras – look no further than luxury French jeweller Chaumet. For those who are not familiar with the brand, Chaumet was founded in the late 18th century. The founder, Nitot, was passionate, creative and had an eye for detail, quality and originality. As time has gone on, Chaumet has continued to exude style and elegance, but has also introduced an element of modernity, which echoes that of true Parisian taste. It is exciting that we now welcome Chaumet to Australia. In anticipation for their first Melbourne boutique, located in the heart of Chadstone Shopping Centre, I was given the opportunity to visit the boutique and try on (but unfortunately not take home!) some of their flawless pieces.

One of Chaumet’s collections that really caught my eye was their amazing Joséphine collection, inspired by muse Joséphine. The collection perpetuates grace and elegance, with a twist of modern creativity – emphasised in the collections playful variation of colourful stones. The collection is both sophisticated and feminine and expresses the exact style and timeless nature of the Chaumet branding. Although practically impossible to pick favourites with a collection like this, I was instantly drawn to Joséphine Aigrette pieces with Garnet and Aquamarine stones.

Whilst working with Chaumet, I was also given the opportunity to attend their amazing in-store event, which saw the boutique totally transformed into the style of muse Joséphine’s apartment. Decked out totally in dusty pink, greenery and a huge neon sign, the boutique was quintessentially Parisian chic, sophisticated and playful in nature. The event was a raging success, which saw VIP customers; media and well-known fashion influencers sipping champagne whilst celebrating all things Chaumet! I was lucky enough to be able to wear some of the jewellery from the Joséphine collection on the night. Thank you again Chaumet for a brilliant evening and for the chance to work so closely with you to produce content, I am forever grateful for this unforgettable opportunity. 

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