Sydney Escape

This week I was given the opportunity to spend a couple of nights in the amazing new Skye Hotel Suites in Sydney with Kevin Murphy & Vanity Group Australia.

The executive suite hotel room was simply divine. With an almost overwhelming amount of space, we didn’t know what area we should relax in first! The room was fitted out with beautiful chic tonal furniture and a roomy balcony for afternoon drinks during sundown. The bedroom area had moody lighting and acted as the perfect home away from home. The bathroom was filled with a huge selection of Kevin Murphy vanity products. From their amazing angel hair wash and rinse to body lotions and washes. It is safe to say that we were very well looked after!

During my stay I also got to experience an amazing styling session at Wink Hair Salon with Kevin Murphy products. The hair stylist spent time with me deciding how best to style my hair for the day and explained each and every product she was using on my hair. I loved how patient she was and by the end of the experience, I left totally convinced that I simply must buy all the products in order to have a good hair day – everyday!

I am currently running a competition through my Instagram where you can win this exact experience too! So make sure you enter if you are interested!

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