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After an overwhelming response on my Instagram last night – I thought I best share my photo tips here as well so that you can easily read/re-read them whenever you like!

So without further ado – here is everything I spoke about on my IG stories – just laid out in a slightly easier to follow way…xxx

1. First things first each image on my Instagram/blog took at least 200 attempts to perfect… I am a major perfectionist and getting a shot that I am happy with can take quite some time, so don’t ever feel bad if you can’t get it right on the first go! Just make sure you have a super patient photographer or better yet – shoot self portrait!

Lighting is everything! I only shoot in the afternoon/evening, as I find morning light is usually too harsh unless it is an overcast day, then I will shoot whenever! The middle of the day lighting usually casts really bad shadows on your face and makes you look like you have different facial features than what you may actually have.

3. THE ANGLE IS EVERYTHING – I usually shoot with my photographer standing up (if I am sitting down) or at eye level if I am standing up. I know a lot of people and influencers especially shoot from a really low angle to make themselves appear taller but personally, I find this is not flattering on my face/body – so I instead shoot directly in front or over the top (but just a bit, too much looks weird!)

4. When shooting fashion looks/outfits make sure you really really LOVE your look. This is so important for your confidence and will entail get you a much better shot! If you are not vibing your look, chances are you won’t be happy with the photo and will end up getting really annoyed at yourself/your photographer/your significant other/whoever else you have lulled into shooting for you and it’ll just be bad for everyone involved!

5. ALWAYS snap some pics before you leave the house! Make sure the look photographs well, sometimes things look different to how they look in the mirror, so don’t wait until you’re at your location – it is too late then!

6. SEEK INSPIRATION BEFORE YOU SHOOT! This is probably one of my number one tips for shooting fashion looks. Always have a vision for the kind of imagery you want to create and know exactly what vibe you want to achieve prior to shooting! This does not mean copy anyone else or try and replicate someone else’s vibe, because in the long run – that is never going to work and you’ll never be respected for your own personal style and vision – BUT seeking inspiration from social media, movies, books, people on the street – ANYTHING will always help.

As you guys may already know – I love to create mood boards at the beginning of each week (I always post them on my stories on Sunday night!) It helps inspire me for the week ahead and gives me direction. I’ve been doing this for over a year now and I find it really helps me, but you need to find whatever works for you!

7. Just have fun with it! It is so easy to get caught up on what is your vibe/what do you like/what’s your personal style and the whole thing becomes far too overwhelming, instead – just try heaps of different things! Play around with looks/different types of photography/ interesting outfits & eventually you’ll find an aesthetic which comes totally natural and organic to you! It may take some time, even years – but do not rush the creative process. Do not start copying someone else just because you can’t be bothered to put in the time/patience for your own personal style to develop – just go with the flow and enjoy the creative journey!

8. Last but certainly not least – learn how to filter/edit your images so that you LOVE them. Editing images is such an important part of the process and even if all you want to do is make a few tweaks, it is super important to know how to do so! I recently released my own presets/filters in collaboration with SCRUNCH so if you don’t know where to even begin… maybe these filters will help you a bit! Check them out HERE

ANYWAYS – I really, really hope this has helped some of you in some way, shape or form! Feel free to leave me any more questions you may have here or DM me on Instagram

Lots of love, J xxx

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  1. Thanks for these tips! Photography is easily the most tedious part of blogging for me, which means I have to work the hardest at it. You can check out my blog and see what I mean.

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