Born in Melbourne, Australia, Jessica Alizzi is the founder and editor behind the personal style blog BYJESSALIZZI.COM. Jessica’s humble digital beginnings started in 2014, where she was working as a paralegal at a city law firm, but ironically constantly found herself pages deep in fashion magazines, journals and blogs alike. Jessica originally started her blog as a hobby, with no intention for it to ever become a business, let alone be read by anyone other than her family, but the organic growth she experienced was difficult to ignore.

Jessica now works as a digital consultant, stylist, content creator and online influencer. She has since had the privilege to work in collaboration with many well respected Australian and international brands, including – but not limited to; UNIQLO, MYER, OROTON, PANDORA, YSL BEAUTY and COUNTRY ROAD. Having recently graduated from Deakin University with a double Bachelors degree in Law/Commerce, Jessica intends to use her tertiary education to further develop her business. Jessica hopes that she can continue to inspire and motivate her audience.

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