Jessica & Food


There is kind of only one thing I love more in life than fashion, whether my Italian roots have something to do with it – I’m not sure, but either way; it is food, brunch food, to be exact. The whole 9AM hustle, boyfriend jeans/sneakers/cozy-knit and minimal make-up outfit-situation followed by a cheeky little 20 minute wait in line for the hottest poached eggs in town… I’m just totally about it. Although typically a fashion blogger by nature, I can’t help but spend most of my days crossing brunch spots off my list of places-to-eat-at-ASAP (Jessica & Food?!). So with that in mind, I thought I’d share with you a couple of snaps from my most recent deliciously photogenic brunch situation.

Home Away From Home


Ahh… Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, seven whole days of nothing but nonstop outfit changes, running from event to event, eating (or sometimes not eating) at the strangest of times, and unintentionally collecting an alarming amount of identical goodie bags… Although demanding, extravagant and ridiculously draining, it was easily the best week of my entire year and as such, I kind of wouldn’t have had it any other way (#VAMFF I am totally ready for you).

Because, Health


Good Evening Everyone! I am indeed BACK; sickness has well and truly subsided so I spent most of today catching up on all the things I didn’t get to do over the weekend (mainly shopping, coffee, photo-taking, content-creating and some more coffee… I know… I live a very hard life). ANYWAYS, recently I’ve been trying to find new ways to quite literally integrate coconut into every single one of my meals (if this coco-obsession does not make sense look here), and so spent the morning creating this fruity coco-crazy smoothie bowl. Raw C Coconut Water is super natural and hydrating so I used that because, health and all the other fruit that was currently present in my household. 

Total Mix Match

jess_alizzi main photo

After receiving an amazingly positive response from my blog post last week of lost images that didn’t quite have a place in previous posts, I decided to totally make this a weekly Sunday-night thing. I spent majority of this week frequenting hipster-hangouts (AKA some of the best cafes in Melbourne) with my nearest and dearest babes, job-hunting for a Christmas-casual position (brunch is expensive), trying (and failing) to keep up with the ever-changing weather climate, watching my boys Sebastian-Gresham busk at Batman Markets in Coburg and working on my soon-to-be bronzed complexion.

My Brunch Game


Jess_alizzi sunglasses straight on

As you all know by now, my brunch game is indeed very strong (if you didn’t know this, you obviously haven’t read this). So it was no surprise, I took one of my most precious friends/ little gypsy goddess (…and that explains the dream catcher…), to one of my favourite brunch houses in the area, Hammer & Tong Fitzroy. There really is nothing quite like a plate of edible flowers on a bed of 5-seed porridge or perhaps a couple of poached eggs with a side of buttermilk fried avocado to kick start a Monday morning… Come to think of it, it’s likely this little brunchers-dream-meal would be ideal for any morning… or afternoon, or night, or dessert. Whatever. I just really like brunch okay? It is kind of like an addiction that I have no desire or intention to fix.

There’s a Parfait in my Bed

jess_alizzi parfait 4

Good Afternoon Everyone!
Today’s quick little blog post is all about my pretty little breakfast situation that occurred a few days ago (if you follow me on instagram you may have already seen a couple of these photos; in which case… sorry not sorry). There is something so romantic and relaxing about eating breakfast in bed, especially when that breakfast consists of fruity-parfait-goodness and comes with a side of strategically placed, inedible greenery [but who’s judging right?]

Do You Even Brunch?

Eating out for brunch on the weekend in Melbourne is not a choice, it is a ritual, a lifestyle adjustment… it is a culturally imbedded necessity that defines you as the Melbournian that you truly are. Brunch is more than being ‘seen’ amongst the other cultural hipster who frequent cafes, it is a time where mobile phones are put on silent, and used strictly to take photos of food, where families come together and confabulate over their morning brew, and where people nonchalantly wait in line for 40 minutes for scrambled eggs on toast. In life the best things are certainty not free, in fact, I think you’ll find that the ‘best things in life’ will cost you approximately $19.50 and will come with a side of bacon.