Grana Move

GOOD EVENING EVERYONE! As a long-term lover of GRANA, this month I wanted to share with you how I am styling their amazing new GRANA MOVE collection. Although not one to usually be found at the gym, I am definitely partial to a long power walk, especially if there is an iced-latte and my best friend involved. As my exercise isn’t really what one would called ‘strenuous’, I like to make sure I’m feeling alarmingly fashionable even when working out. This is easily achieved with GRANA’s new MOVE collection. With a huge variety of cuts and colours on offer, they really do have something for everyone. I particularly love this red wine legging paired with the lighter lilac top. I also played around with a couple of different cardigan colours below to show you how versatile the colours really are!

Double Denim & Blush



Somewhere in between spring springing and my never ending addiction to blush and good denim – babing Helen from Boho Tailor, a few fellow Glassons-babes and I photographed our favourite Spring pieces from Glassons’ most recent collection. With Melbourne’s CBD as our backdrop, we break-ed only for fuel (read: baked goods/one-too-many-cappuccinos), outfit changes & the usual please-don’t-run-me-over car-situation, which is somewhat inevitable when shooting on the streets. Although absolutely adoring all the pieces we shot with on the day, my absolute favourite piece was the denim skirt – for its slightly oversized, well-made, darker denim vibe – aka the perfect transitional piece.


Photo Diary: Noosa

Having only just gotten back from Noosa early this week, settling back into Melbourne-freezing-cold-life has been somewhat of a struggle and as such, I plan to live vicariously through my own images for the next – say3 to 5 months – just until my frosty fingers have regained heat* and/or the sunshine comes back in Melbourne – whatever comes first will do.

Blush Bits

Jessicaalizzi 2

GOOD EVENING EVERYONE! Just swinging by real quick tonight to share with you a few bits and bops I’m totally getting around as of late. With the sun setting onto a new week, I’m feeling alarmingly inspired by my usual gold & blush details and the pastel views of Palm Cove beach. Having never, not once started a morning without a strong, hot coffee, my newest tea ware set from Cristina Re is adding all sorts of delight to my desk/mess situation. The gold detailing and crisp white is simply divine and everything I needed in my life.

Bank Robber Chic

JESSALIZZI 6_collage

GOOD EVENING EVERYONE! Although recently somewhat partial to a ‘cropped denim short’, Melbourne’s summer weather [or lack there of…] has caused me to return to my denim roots, and by roots I mean my beloved Mom-jeans. Having sported this denim style for quite some time, I’ve usually always opted for stealing my actual Mum’s jeans to create the desired effect, however with TopShop Au launching such a diverse collection of denim, my mum’s oversized Levis’ may no longer be required*. I paired my latest pair (#Hehe) with a bank-robber** inspired top, a Status Anxiety black leather wallet and high-top cons for a basic monochrome look.

Little Black Bag


GOOD EVENING EVERYONE! Moving away from my usual go-to men’s tees, shirts, oversized denim & monochrome, today’s coffee, then bloggers lunch, followed by afternoon meeting called for a little somethin’ different. Switching my usual gold details for something a little more silver-inspired, I paired my latest Italian luxury neoprene LouBay piece with some crazy oversized sleeves, a buttoned denim mini and my favourite biker-boots. I really love the size, shape and feel of this LouBay piece and the silver detailing gives it a little extra somethin’ without detracting from its usual everyday wearability. Ya feel me ladies?! Perhaps I’ve found my new LBB*

Sunday Story

As the week hits its hump, I wanted to share a few dreamy photographs from the weekend that was. I spend Sunday doing all sorts of Sunday things, like early morning coffee catch-up with friends, followed by Camberwell Market visits and freshly-cut flower pick-ups. I also had a little revelation that my Sundays’ are about 10 times better with a vintage-inspired Papillionaire bicycle in it. Operating not only as my newest mode of transportation, it has indeed become my latest fashion accessory. Plus the cheeky little wooden basket is the perfect level of chic and sturdy to carry all my little Sunday things.


jessicaalizzi collage 4

Awaking to the sound of bucketing rain at approximately 9.00AM this morning, the first official day of Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival, instantly appeared far less appealing. But with my umbrella and definitely-bound-to-fly-away fascinator at the ready, we made the trek out to Flemington to admire all the fashions, and [somewhat unintentionally] ignore all the horses. And, as if the weather totally understood the kind of crazy damage this torrential rain would have done to our fashionable selves, the clouds parted, the sun shined and we arrived at Flemington entirely dry and ready to party…if by party, we mean – take photos of our every single fashionable movement for the next five hours, people watch and marquee hop.

Bloggers Guide To Melbourne Location Scouting

jessicaalizzi 1


As most of you would know, fashion and lifestyle blogging has somewhat recently become a big part of my daily existence. Finding insta-worthy locations to shoot my outfits and other crazy antics around Melbourne is an important task, and one that should not be overlooked! I’ll often spend time scouting locations in Melbourne before I unload my car boot filled with clothes, shoes and bags and commit to a location (usually of the white wall, funky door and/or leafy green variety). So with a chunky DLSR in one hand and my honey Carissa from Design by Aikonik in the other, we spent the weekend discovering some of the most insta-worthy photo shoot locations in Melbourne. And as such, I have created somewhat of a visual guide/step-by-step situation below that will hopefully be of assistance next time your outfit is totally on point and you need to snap a picture of it on the ASAP.

Nespresso Coffee Cupcakes

jessicaalizzi flat lay I cannot believe it is already the beginning of a new season! Summer came and went and my tan has already begun to fade (well, peel). So before I totally bid my farewells to the warmer months, I decided to make some summer inspired, bright colourful cupcakes in collaboration with Nespresso’s newest Decaffeinato blends. As someone who has always embraced a fully caffeinated coffee, I originally questioned my need for the newest decaf pods, but after eating more cupcakes than I’d like to admit (…seriously, like don’t even ask), I was thanking my lucky stars these babies were caffeine free, as I would’ve been up all night (…thus giving me more time to, well, eat the entirety of them…). Plus, this [unfortunately] also meant I was able to share the raspberry-icing cupcakes with my little cousins… Who, to be fair, LOVED THEM. Best. Babysitter. Ever.