Daniel Wellington

img_3091GOOD EVENING EVERYONE! Just swinging by this evening to share with you my new favourite timepiece from one of my all-time (#puns), favourite watch brands, Daniel Wellington. With the launch of their latest timepieces, I really do feel this all-black-with-gold-detailing-watch was the final item missing from my little collection. Apart from being an incredibly chic, timeless (#SoManyPuns) piece, the luxe detail and finish makes it perfect to pair back with slightly more dressier looks, like this V-neck black silk top from Style Addict, oversized mum jeans from Assembly the Label and slip on loafers.

Styling Silk Shirts

jessicaalizzi 6


As the unofficial, self-proclaimed shirt kweeeen of Instagram/life, whenever I find a new shirt brand (particularly one of the high quality, 100% silk variety), I really can’t help but get entirely around it. So, well, you can only imagine my excitement when I recently discovered the brand The Fable. The lux, newly launched shirt label offers a variety of my favourite Spring hues and patterns, at a ridiculously reasonable price, and if you’ve been following along on Instagram recently, you would probably know that I am kind of all about these apricot/blush/tonal hues at the mo (read: Blush is the new black, I repeat – BLUSH is the new BLACK), so The Fable really could not have come at a better time.

Defining My Personal Style


jessicaalizzi 9As a half Gemini-half-Cancer (whatever that even means…) my personality, and thus sense of style encompasses all sorts of craziness. As someone who dresses almost entirely with their mood of the day/hour (cue Gemini – I often experience multiple moods per day), it’s almost impossible to put into words what exactly IS my ‘personal style’, as, well, it’s always changing, developing, rotating – but there are a few things that are inherently ME and have been for as long as I can remember.

The Importance of Being Classical

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There is something so flawlessly chic and necessary about a structured, gold-trim, black bag. So much so, that I couldn’t really imagine my life without one. I mean… where would I carry all my 456 lost bobby pins? Coins that I never use? Loyalty cards for retailers that I never frequent? But most importantly, what exactly would I hang from my right arm?! My thoughts exactly. ANYWAYS, all jokes aside – (side note, in the history of Jessica & Love, ‘all jokes’ have never been put aside) – a structured, high quality, black bag is an absolute wardrobe staple, and without one, any on-the-move female (or fabulously fashionable male) would be completely lost. Having recently discovered the effortlessly sophisticated, elegant and totally chic brand Braun Büffel at a recent event held at Collins 234 Arcade, I sort of jumped on the opportunity to collaborate with them. With a strong intention to create timeless, classical pieces, I knew straight away that the brand was so, totally, for me.