Photo Diary: Noosa

Having only just gotten back from Noosa early this week, settling back into Melbourne-freezing-cold-life has been somewhat of a struggle and as such, I plan to live vicariously through my own images for the next – say3 to 5 months – just until my frosty fingers have regained heat* and/or the sunshine comes back in Melbourne – whatever comes first will do.

Ice-Cream Chronicles

First things first, I have officially FINISHED EXAMS = aka the crazy-library/law-induced-madness is over. No more sleepless nights or cramming study situations – well until next semester – but we shall cross that 73643-page-taxation-law-textbook-bridge when we get there – until then – I’ve been celebrating all sorts of little victories with late night ice-cream runs and funky outfit combos.

So Frenchy, So Chic


First things first, my sincerest apologies for my unplanned ten-day hiatus, between enjoying the summertime sunshine, preparing myself for a busy year ahead and spending one too many summer evenings sipping Rosé by sunset, I managed to temporarily forget about the whole blog thing, ya know? Totally normal right? Right. BUT I am back, with zero intentions to disappear again anytime soon!

Popping Bottles

jessicaalizzi 1

With 2015 coming to a close, I wanted to swing by real quick this evening to share with you how I’ll be bringing in the New Year come midnight this Thursday. Bubbles are sort of always my drink of choice, and the fact that these ones come in a pretty somewhat New Years Eve inspired bottle is sort of just a bonus. Yep. Brown Brothers’, you totally get me and my need for all things blush, feminine and totally chic. This year you’ll find me popping one of these bad boys from my friend’s balcony somewhere in between the crazy cool fireworks show and taking a million and one snaps with my nearest and dearest babes

How To Wear a Kenzo Jumper Three Ways


Inspired by Melbourne’s hot-then-cold-kidding-actually-hot-no-really-just-cold weather situation, I styled three different outfits using my new cotton Kenzo Print Jumper purchased from Farfetch, all with different occasions in mind. Come 6PM Melbourne-time, this light-cotton statement jumper may come in handy (yes, even in Summer) so here are a few ways you can style it!

Found At Target

jessicaalizzi 1 collage

Target White linen shirt / Target Black Denim Shorts

Inspired by the light linen, denim-cut-offs trend this summer, I recreated my favourite Sunday-afternoon-summer-look using pieces from Target’s new summer range. This is my ultimate Sunday-wear outfit. Paired with white sneakers and a take-away coffee in the morning, and dressed up with a strappy black heel, a clutch and a cocktail for the evening, this is an outfit I will quite literally live in. I opted for a monochromatic look, and added a touch of blush (duh!) with my neck ribbon (duh!) and nail polish. As for the perfectly blush coloured roses? Total STEAL, I got 5 bunches for $5 at the Camberwell Market yesterday morning. I know right, what even?

Pants Girl



As a self-proclaimed pants-girl, I don’t usually wear dresses, but when I do – they are of the tight-knitted, pastel-coloured, over-the-knee kind… or something like that. AND they come with a side of sneakers. Now skirts? Well that’s a story for another day, but when it comes to dresses, I don’t like anything that looks to girly, or too I’m-going-to-a-school-formal, so I tend to just avoid at all sartorial costs. Unless I can guarantee minimum girly-ness, maximum chicness, I won’t wear a dress.

Sunday Story

As the week hits its hump, I wanted to share a few dreamy photographs from the weekend that was. I spend Sunday doing all sorts of Sunday things, like early morning coffee catch-up with friends, followed by Camberwell Market visits and freshly-cut flower pick-ups. I also had a little revelation that my Sundays’ are about 10 times better with a vintage-inspired Papillionaire bicycle in it. Operating not only as my newest mode of transportation, it has indeed become my latest fashion accessory. Plus the cheeky little wooden basket is the perfect level of chic and sturdy to carry all my little Sunday things.