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SHOP THE ITEMS HERE: Jimmy Choo ‘Ava’ Clutch, Saint Laurent Wide brim hat, Kenzo Striped Dress, Paula Cademortori ‘Iris’ tote, Gianvito Rossi Geneva Ankle Boots, Linda Farrow Sunglasses, Balmain Biker Jacket 

If you’ve been following along via my INSTAGRAM you’d probably know that I’m going through an all blush, a little bit of black, but mainly all blush everything phase this season. I’ve been creating my all-blush-everything looks by adding rougher, black accessories or more masculine-inspired pieces, to avoid looking too girly. With an absolute abundance of choices on Farfetch.com, I figured I’d create a little lust list to show you some of my favourite blush-accessories and other pieces that I am currently lusting over and how I would style them!

With the recent launch of BALMAIN x H&M, #Balmaination is indeed in full swing, and as such, I kind of couldn’t shy away from lusting over this totally classic, totally necessary black biker piece (…one day, beautiful Balmain, one day). It the perfect piece for, well, any occasion, and can easily be chucked over a cheeky little trans-seasonal dress like this stripey Kenzo number to add a bit of extra warmth, structure and style. During the day, I would chuck on a bag similar to the Paula Cademortori ‘Iris’ tote, to introduce a bit of 70’s inspired fringing, and come evening I would swap it for a slightly more compact, detailed piece to quickly dress up the outfit.

My main style tip when wearing Blush toned pieces and accessories is to keep everything relatively monochromatic, and allow the pop of tonal-girliness to speak for itself.


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Target Styling



Having developed somewhat of a sartorial addiction to all things denim, oversized, and/or of the shirt variety, a short 5-10 years ago, I am constantly on the look out for new pieces to fuel my addiction add to my collection. Stopping at no lengths to satisfy my increasingly alarming denim/shirt cravings, given the opportunity to collaborate with TARGET AUSTRALIA, I couldn’t help but entirely get around their new Spring-Summer denim/oversized shirt collection. I was actually very pleasantly surprised, given the convenience and price point of TARGET womenswear, I didn’t quite expect to find so many pieces that I loved!

From the Bottom of my Bag

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It’s been an interesting afternoon over here in sunny/chilly/windy/ probably soon-to-be rainy* Melbourne. I’ve mainly been multitasking my way through life as per usual; rotating between watching online lectures and romantic old-school movies, attempting to plan an outfit for tonight’s ridiculously themed 21st (The Hunger Games: Capitol Couture), and rediscovering long lost bags, accessories and clothes that were hidden in the sea of craziness that is my bedroom.

Shopping with my Family

Sometimes I like to drag my whole family around with me when I am doing not-so-serious shopping (whole family being dad, mum and adult brother.) Our expeditions always start out so promising, we sit down for coffee and cake, I ramble on about the 43 new items I must buy in that day otherwise I won’t be able to leave my house ever again as I simply have nothing to wear and my family nods and laughs and pretends they are incredibly interested when really they think I am a melodramatic crazy person with far too much time on my hands.

After we have successfully filled every inch of our being with coffee and cake we begin our journey through the shopping centre. Most days the men will hang back and let the women do all the hard work, but every now and then my dad likes to play an active role in my wardrobe and feels it necessary to share his unrequested opinion. This usually involves him pulling out the most ugly dress in the store, holding it against his own torso and confidently exclaiming ‘Darling… how about this one?’ Not only do I find it completely insulting that he thinks he could even attempt to pick something out for me that I would like, he also always picks up a dress about 5 sizes too big and with patterns and colours I really would not be caught dead in. I really do love shopping with my family, in fact I love doing everything  with my family but I like it better when my dad takes more of a ‘silent partner’ role in the whole shopping experience… you know what I mean; keeps his dress-sense (or lack thereof) to himself but invests money when necessary.

How To Shop

How to Shop like a University Student…

I love shopping. Wait let me rephrase that… I live for shopping; literally! Well perhaps not literally, but you catch my drift. And as a University student my bracket of available funds to spend on retail therapy (or any therapy for that matter) is rather limited. However, like most women in this world (and some fabulous men), I have a need to express myself through fashion, to explore my style; my features and most importantly appear trendy and fashion forward to the people around me. But how could I possibly do this with the few dollars I have left in my wallet after a full week of wasting money on coffee, parking, lunch, public transport fare, that totally green totally healthy-clean eating smoothie I bought last week, magazines that I do not need to own and other pointless miscellaneous items…? Well the answer is simple. I, my dear friends, am a bargain hunter…