A Guide To Life In Noosa

Over the weekend my boyfriend and I were given the opportunity to travel to Noosa for a few nights! We stayed at the luxurious SOFITEL NOOSA PACIFIC RESORT, located in the heart of Hastings Street, Noosa heads. With so many amazing things to do, eat and explore in Noosa, I thought I’d share with you how best to spend a day in one of my favourite places to relax in Australia.

Postcards From Fiji

So this post was definitely meant to go live 3 weeks ago, but with the craziness that was VAMFF, an annoyingly persistent tummy parasite and a variety of campaigns I have been working on since my return (more on this soon), it just didn’t happen. And well, I think I am going to blame life too. You know, all the silly little errands that come up which must be done, like, right now – plus a few totally necessary fun things in between, like coffee dates, vino filled nights and long morning walks. But alas, here we go – 

Photo Diary: Noosa

Having only just gotten back from Noosa early this week, settling back into Melbourne-freezing-cold-life has been somewhat of a struggle and as such, I plan to live vicariously through my own images for the next – say3 to 5 months – just until my frosty fingers have regained heat* and/or the sunshine comes back in Melbourne – whatever comes first will do.


jessicaalizzi 5

Having just spent a week soaking up all kinds of sunshine-situations in Hawaii, I was ready to transition into a more monochromatic colour-palette and get back into my heeled-booty-all-black-outfit-look. LA was sort of the perfect place to do so. Opting for spontaneous holiday purchases and channeling some knitted-dress over waxed-denim vibes, I couldn’t wait to prance around in front of the iconic Paul Smith fuschia pink wall car park.

Oh, #LA

jessicaalizzi 3

Oh, #LA. Having already formed strong expectations for what the city may hold, given my somewhat ridiculous obsession with all things ‘reality TV’, my Instagram-feed and I, were all kinds of ready for the LA aesthetic, from the rows of palm trees, to the side-street cacti-pastel-coloured-walls-situation – but I must admit, cult-reality-TV-shows simply do not do this city justice.

Polynesian Paradise



Currently; cloud counting, coffee sipping and photo editing 40,000 feet above ground, it is so lovely to look back on the week that was. Hawaii was an absolute Polynesian paradise dream, with beach views and palm tree vibes covering the entire island of Honolulu, I created my own postcard-inspired memories and immersed myself in the break from city-culture. During the week we hired a car and drove around the island through to North Shore beach. Here we made several stops, from experiencing the traditional Hawaiian shaved-ice to dining at Fumi’s famous Shrimp truck. The North Shore is so different to Waikiki beach, so experiencing all that Honolulu has to offer was definitely a highlight of the trip. The roadside green coconuts, freshly cut mango and all-day-everyday acai bowls made travelling around the island an absolute dream. As my island adventure comes to an end, a slightly more urban adventure begins. L.A – I’m so excited to meet you!