Sartorial Habits

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Drinking mostly Iced Kona coffee’s from Island Vintage Coffee and living in mostly crinkled silk and light linen pieces, my Honolulu uniform mainly consists of silky slip dresses in burgundy and blush, RayBans, a black purse and white sneakers or tasseled holiday-inspired flats. A true big-city girl at heart, it is near impossible to totally abandon all sartorial habits, and thus the idea of prancing around in bikinis all day seemed entirely unattainable. I instead opted for lighter materials and ditched my pointy-black-heeled booties for a more holiday-appropriate shoe. In other news, I can’t stop/won’t stop tying multiple black ribbons around my neck and turning them into chokers. I fear the Island has only further fueled my obsession. I regret nothing.

Island Of Palm Trees

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SO – I have arrived! To the island of palm trees, crinkled tees, cool breeze & sunsets for daiz; a place where serious, and I mean serious, shopping is prioritized over beaching and smashed avo is replaced with bowls of street fruit, trusted from ‘hole-in-the-wall’-like places. So yeah – it is totally my kind of place. Besides the lack of smashed avo. I’m totally not about that. Either way – Honolulu, Hawaii is sort of everything I was hoping for and some. I’ve been channeling some serious bra-less beach-vibes and opting for simple silks and cotton tees, instead of my usual crisp white shirt/mum-jean-situation. I don’t usually like denim cut-offs, but I’ve been making a few exceptions there too. Perhaps it is the island; influencing all sorts of sartorial changes, either way – I am totally going with it.

Swimming in the UAE

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First things first, apologies that I’ve seemed to, somewhat have disappeared from the blogosphere for the past week or so. There really is only one thing to blame for my disappearance, and that is my Family Law Assignment, which, unreasonably, refused to write itself. I know! Ridiculous! That and well, the other 150, 345, 123 million tasks/jobs/classes & social escapades I try, very actively, to squeeze into one week. Safe to say, if it was a swimming race, I would be drowning (#Bikini-Puns). But moving on to far more important things like this amazingly perfect custom kini by KiniSwimwear. It is kind of the greatest bikini invention in the entire world, as well; you quite literally get to design your own bikini! I really struggled deciding on colours, patterns, looks and so just ended up going for something that looked nothing like the bikinis I’ve ever owned in the past. (Please do let me know your thoughts below…) Plus I decided it’s somewhat [slightly] conservative nature would be perfect for my UAE adventures!

Dubai, Though.

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After fourteen hours of flying over the ocean and through the clouds, it feels absolutely amazing to be writing this post from the comfort of my cozy, well-loved bed (the place I write most of my posts… It is where I feel most inspired). Having experienced so much in such a short period of time, I can’t stop reminiscing on the beauty, culture and difference that was my Arabian adventure. With roller coasters flying through the air at 250km (not actually an enjoyable experience in the slightest, if I am honest), to spice souks that had us tasting and smelling all the favours of the desert. From 24-carat gold coffee and cake situations (coming soon…) to camel rides that had me holding on for dear life. Travelling really is one of the only things in life that will have me coming home financially poorer, yet so much richer in knowledge, life experience & cultural appreciation.

Bethlehem-Inspired Sandals

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En route to the world’s most luxurious hotel, the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, we had no idea that a one-hour cab ride would have us experiencing such beauty. With elevators made entirely of gold, never ending ceilings that continuously change colour, unexpected aquariums, and some of the most magical, photogenic sunsets I have ever seen, (Melbourne you better lift your game otherwise I may never come home) we were in all sorts of foody/hotel/life-is-totally-great heaven. We dined at Japanese restaurant Junsui inside Burj Al Arab, which was covered entirely with Swarovski crystals and acted as the perfect backdrop for the ridiculous sunset/palm-tree-appreciation views. It really was a ‘Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more moment.

Magical Self-Induced Mirage

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As I write this post, pool bound with not a worry, textbook or scheduled commitment in sight, I can’t help but continue to reflect on the beauty that was the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Whether it was the ridiculously hot climate or the possibility of experiencing some kind of magical self-induced mirage, either way, I was in total awe not only of its physical beauty, but the calming effect it was having on its observers. With almost every woman in black and every man in white, the beauty of the building was free from human distractions, and spoke entirely for itself. With the Arabian sun shining strong onto the Mosque, reflections bounced around, glistening and sparkling like nothing I had ever seen before. No photograph, well-constructed sentence or video could ever entirely explain the magic, tranquility or serenity, I, and I am sure many others have experienced at The Grand Mosque, this is simply something you MUST see with your own eyes. AND so please let the following images be nothing more than a visual reminder of a place you must one day visit, if ever given the opportunity.

Abu Dhabi Do!

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After flying more than half way to Europe, seated next to the cutest, crying devil baby, which made me question my entire 10-year life plan (…babies – maybe they are not for me?), having eaten minimal plane food (cheese and crackers don’t count) and having experienced minimal plane sleep (honestly felt like I had more limbs than the average person on that 14 hour flight…), it was safe to say – I was MORE than ready to land in the Arabian desert that is ABU DHABI. Unfortunately my entrance was slightly less graceful than the Sex and the City Girls. Having entered into one of their monthly sand storms, I was covered from the toes up in sand, fatigued and over-heated in clothes, but it didn’t take long to transform my sleepy self into the glamorous, high-maintenance traveller I know I am. A good 14-hour sleep, my beloved straightener and multiple meals at the breakfast buffet had me feeling good as new. I was ready to take on this incredibly city.

Visual Guide to Noosa Life

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Here is somewhat of a delayed photo-guide of Noosa-life… I was supposed to post this a couple of days ago but since being back in the real world I’ve been bombarded with nothing but work commitments, compulsory shopping excursions & fashion events (… or really just eventwatch this space…). And so a few days late, but none-the-less entertaining, here is a little run down of what you should do, eat, ride (yes ride…) and look at whilst visiting Noosa (…quite possibly the best holiday destination in Australia… just saying).

Early Bird

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…And as if it was only yesterday (…or seven days to be exact), I am back flying through the white fluffy clouds, thousands of feet above the beautiful ocean I spent my entire week getting lost in… As I fly back to the concrete jungle I call home, I am left with some of the fondest, most magical memories from my little beach getaway, from laughing with (…really just at) my family at all the ridiculous things they do, to waking up every single morning at 6am (something I would usually NEVER EVER dream of doing…) to watch the sunrise, drink coffee and eat chocolate croissants at my morning favourite, serendipitously called ‘Wonderland’ and lastly sipping coconuts by the beach until the sun falls completely into the water and all I am left with is bronzed (often burnt) skin, messy damp hair and sand in places where there should never be sand…