Current Obsession: UNIQLO


As a long-time lover of all things UNIQLO, I can never go past the quality, versatility and design of their timeless, classic pieces. As a full time uni-student/fashion-blogger/professional-social-butterfly I spend more time out than at home, so having a few good go-to classic pieces that work for any occasion is an absolute fashion-necessity.

Winter Details With Marks & Spencer


GOOD EVENING EVERYONE! Having recently launched their AU online store in Australia, Marks & Spencer are fast becoming a new favourite shopping destination for all things fashion. With a diverse range of product, design and price point it’s almost impossible to close the browser (…and return to what I really should be doing – learning something about the law given my pending legal exams…).

Anyways, in collaboration with Marks & Spencer, I wanted to share with you some new pieces from their online store. Sticking with my usual blush, layered slip-dress, with dainty gold jewels vibe I paired the look back with their oversized Alexa Chung x M&S blazer and a black winter fedora. Although winter is in fact here I am finding it incredibly difficult to totally abandon all reminiscence of summer, so I’ve been holding onto it by slowly integrating winter details (cue fedora, blazer, and alarming cold legs). But for those of you who aren’t intending on freezing off a limb in the name of FASHUN, you can easily make this outfit winter-ready with some stockings/tights, boots and a winter coat, all available from M&S.

ANYWAYS HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE!Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 6.03.33 pm PS: Did I mention M&S has free shipping in Australia for orders over AUD$50.00?!
PPS: I hitched up this dress by adding a super thin belt to create a little black dress feel, but really it falls below the knee… see it HERE

Thanks to M&S and Shopping Links for sponsoring this collaboration.



With VAMFF right around the corner, HERE, I simply cannot wait to change outfits 10 times a day, see all my favourite blogger babes, and run around like a crazy woman trying to get the best shot of my OOTD / the runway situation / the overall amazingness that is the Royal Exhibition Building. And so, I’m kicking off the first day of VAMFF with a little outfit situation I put together courtesy of one of my favourite Australian designers, Aje. This signature Aje sparkly number paired back with their oversized knitwear, my run-down cons and a blush Mon Purse bucket bag is like a dream-outfit come true. Oh and a peachy coloured rose for good measure, or something like that…


jessicaalizzi 3

Having somewhat recently discovered online beauty store haven ActiveSkin, I was looking forward to ordering and trying out a couple of their luxe beauty brands. With brands like Lancome, Clinique, Napolean Perdis and many more available, I landed on a couple of evening-eye-make-up essentials from Napolean Perdis, hoping to somewhat spice up my [lack-of] evening-make-up-routine.

Island Of Palm Trees

jessicaalizzi 8_Fotor_Collage

SO – I have arrived! To the island of palm trees, crinkled tees, cool breeze & sunsets for daiz; a place where serious, and I mean serious, shopping is prioritized over beaching and smashed avo is replaced with bowls of street fruit, trusted from ‘hole-in-the-wall’-like places. So yeah – it is totally my kind of place. Besides the lack of smashed avo. I’m totally not about that. Either way – Honolulu, Hawaii is sort of everything I was hoping for and some. I’ve been channeling some serious bra-less beach-vibes and opting for simple silks and cotton tees, instead of my usual crisp white shirt/mum-jean-situation. I don’t usually like denim cut-offs, but I’ve been making a few exceptions there too. Perhaps it is the island; influencing all sorts of sartorial changes, either way – I am totally going with it.

Bargain Hunter

DSC_0347_FotorWHAT A MORNING! Once sufficiently caffeinated, I headed over for a spot of shopping (read: I bought the entire centre) at Uni Hill Factory Outlet. Having heard good things, my expectations were high – and I’m glad they were, as I definitely was not disappointed! With all my favourite retailers in one place (Coverse, Seed, Witchery, Platypus, New Balance, Tony Bianco) I was one happy camper shopper. With almost every single store having 50% retail price, plus an additional 20% off reduced items, I was in fashion heaven. As a self confessed fashion-aholic, I will definitely be making Uni Hill a regular shopping destination, particularly when wanting to grab myself a good bargain (which is, well – always). Check out what I bought below! 

Asian Breakfast Soiree

jessicaalizzi 5

I recently attended a breakfast soiree at Highpoint Shopping Centre to celebrate the opening of their brand new Level One casual dining precinct. With the anticipation of an Asian breakfast fiesta and the darling presence of my beautiful blogger/personal-photographer/babing-friend Carissa, I ventured out to Highpoint, and by ventured – I really do mean roadtrip-ed – as well, it took me over an hour. My thoughts? So. Totally. Worth. It. The food, oh the food. The dumplings, the ramen, the fried chicken, the colourful chopsticks way too cute to eat with – what a deliciously amazing morning. Plus pretty little red lanterns hanging from above, sweet flower table arrangements and a never ending supply of green tea didn’t hurt either.