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  1. HI Jessica! Great blog. I noticed we use the same style of blog and I was just wondering how you managed to only show an excerpt from your posts and include a continue reading link. I hope that makes sense!

  2. Hello Jessica, Thanks for he follow and its a cool blog you have here. I am enjoy some good reads already about the young and upcoming entrepreneur πŸ˜€ . Enjoy doing what you love… and smile on

  3. Greetings Jessica … Just a heads up. I tweeted your post on *When life gives you lemons, sell them & go buy pretty things*… however when I went to twitter to confirm the tweet was successfully published, your twitter @ link wasn’t working. I wasn’t able to follow you. Just letting you know. Regards…

    • Thank you SO much for letting me know that!! πŸ™‚ My twitter name is @JessicaandLove_ unfortunately I had a different name when I first made my blog and didn’t change the link in my social media / follow section ( very silly!)
      Thank you so much fo rmaking me aware of this! πŸ™‚ I will fix it asap. Jessica x x

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog ( Category: Daily post- Dialogue). Very beautiful large photos on your blog! How do you protect the site /photos? Paid or free? I’m still learning, so value your comments.

  5. Thank you for the follow on my very first post, you made my day!!! And an international follower at that. Your blog is beautiful, I look forward to exploring it furthur.

  6. Hey, thanks for following my starting blog! It’s nice to see that people like my photos and little commentaries! Your blog looks really diverse, interesting and comes with great pictures… I’ll explore more of it! Keep up the good work. Best wishes!

  7. First off thanks for the follow! Secondly I am obsessed with your blog. It is everything I hope and dream mine can be. Reading your posts and looking at your pictures I like want to be your best friend haha! I just thought I would say how amazing I think your site is as well as your photography – your pictures are beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful day -Much love from Kansas

  8. hi,

    Thanks for the add on Instagram, blog looks great.

    Also my favourite place to eat in Melbourne was Rockpool bar and grill, I had the duck and it was insane!

    Keep up the good work

    Adam x

  9. Hey Jessica!!

    I love your blog and your Insta.

    I really love your white converses that you had in your Insta last week and was wondering what they’re called??

    Thanks babe xxxx

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