Alexander Wang x Uniqlo

First things first, apologies for the radio silence over here! I find that in months when I am particularly busy working on projects, collaborations and exciting pieces of content – I blog the least – which is rather ironic given ‘fashion blogger’ is my preferred occupation title… Nonetheless, here we are – AND for what better reason than to showcase the new UNIQLO x ALEXANDER WANG collaboration. The collection has been created in collaboration with New York designer ALEXANDER WANG. The purpose of the collaboration was to re-envision UNIQLO LifeWear, creating a series of HEATTECH designed to be layered or worn alone. HEATTECH fabrics are intended to enhance warmth and comfortability when exercising in colder conditions – but for me, I just love the look of the pieces. Layered, worn alone, worn in the middle of summer – or more specifically where I am currently located – Bangkok, Thailand – the pieces ooze style, comfortability and cool-ness. Yep – I love. Congratulations UNIQLO on yet another incredibly successful designer collaboration! 

A Night With Chaumet

When it comes to diamonds and tiaras – look no further than luxury French jeweller Chaumet. For those who are not familiar with the brand, Chaumet was founded in the late 18th century. The founder, Nitot, was passionate, creative and had an eye for detail, quality and originality. As time has gone on, Chaumet has continued to exude style and elegance, but has also introduced an element of modernity, which echoes that of true Parisian taste. It is exciting that we now welcome Chaumet to Australia. In anticipation for their first Melbourne boutique, located in the heart of Chadstone Shopping Centre, I was given the opportunity to visit the boutique and try on (but unfortunately not take home!) some of their flawless pieces.

One of Chaumet’s collections that really caught my eye was their amazing Joséphine collection, inspired by muse Joséphine. The collection perpetuates grace and elegance, with a twist of modern creativity – emphasised in the collections playful variation of colourful stones. The collection is both sophisticated and feminine and expresses the exact style and timeless nature of the Chaumet branding. Although practically impossible to pick favourites with a collection like this, I was instantly drawn to Joséphine Aigrette pieces with Garnet and Aquamarine stones.

Whilst working with Chaumet, I was also given the opportunity to attend their amazing in-store event, which saw the boutique totally transformed into the style of muse Joséphine’s apartment. Decked out totally in dusty pink, greenery and a huge neon sign, the boutique was quintessentially Parisian chic, sophisticated and playful in nature. The event was a raging success, which saw VIP customers; media and well-known fashion influencers sipping champagne whilst celebrating all things Chaumet! I was lucky enough to be able to wear some of the jewellery from the Joséphine collection on the night. Thank you again Chaumet for a brilliant evening and for the chance to work so closely with you to produce content, I am forever grateful for this unforgettable opportunity. 

Uniqlo x INES

Today I wanted to share with you guys a couple of my favourite pieces from the newest UNIQLO x INES collection (available in selected stores and online). 

The colours from the collection are absolutely amazing, with a variety of burgundy, beige, cream, navy and camel – the collection is nothing short of french-chic at its finest. I gravitated to the white panelled shirt and tweed suit as the pieces were classic and timeless. I love the jacket and trousers worn together as a suit with nothing underneath, but for day time wear – I’d probably try it unbuttoned with a tee underneath! 

Let me know if you head into store and check out the collection and also what you think! 

Post created in collaboration with UNIQLO

Bit of Film

I love playing around with shooting film and although I am not overly good at it and definitely have not yet managed to get past the ‘auto’ setting, I still love the element of surprise when you get to see the final shots a few days (or weeks in my case here…) later. So here are a few shots from the last couple of weeks.

I always forget to bring my film camera around with me and when I do have it, forget to shoot with it- so I end up taking one snap from each day/moment – which is kind of nice but also makes for literally zero choice when it comes to selecting shots to post! So here are only a few of my faves out of the roll. 

Enjoyyyy x

Views from recent trip to Sydney

just because flowers from my love

Picnic on Jacquie’s farm 

city strolls searching for coffee & sweet treats

Quick snap from a rainy day in Melbourne – shot mid shoot with Jolie & Deen

Spring has almost Sprung

Spring has just about almost sprung. With warmer weather promised to be just around the corner, I couldn’t help but jump straight into this little Ganni floral dress from Shopbop. The perfect piece for frolicking in the sunshine and sipping moscato by sunset.

Anyways, this week has been pretty crazy. Yesterday was spent on location the entire day shooting a really exciting campaign that will be launching next month. I simply CANNOT WAIT to share the details with you all. And the rest of the week will be spent shooting/preparing for MFW next week…

Anywhooooo – I am quite literally obsessed with this dress. Here I paired it with my Chanel slingbacks but would also love to wear it with my patent leather Doc Martins and a white tee underneath for day time/more of a dressed-down look.

I’ve linked this dress and a couple of other Ganni dresses that I absolutely love at the moment below…

Looovvvvve. The end. x

Lipault Paris in Sydney

Last weekend I spent some time up in Sydney test driving my newest LIPAULT PARIS travel pieces. As an ambassador to the brand, it is safe to say I haven’t travelled far this year without my LIPAULT PARIS travel companions on hand and this trip was no exception. I travelled with their latest URBAN BALLET 55cm Spinner, which was the perfect size for carry-on luggage. Aside from being conveniently lightweight, the suitcase also expands, providing more space for all the clothes I was convinced I couldn’t live without for one weekend… I also brought with me one of their wallets and a handbag from their PLUME ELEGANCE collection. All pieces were incredibly easy and durable to travel with and the fact that they also worked with all my outfits was simply a bonus. 

Soon I’ll be travelling to Thailand for a couple of weeks and I already cannot wait to bring all my favourite LIPAULT PARIS travel pieces with me! The only problem is is that i’ll need about 10 of their suitcases, not one! 


little house on the prairie vibes today and a few fresh flowers from a couple of faves (aka my brother & his honey-of-a-girlfriend) 

I am absolutely crazy about super girly dresses paired back with significantly less girly shoes and this outfit was really no exception. The masculine/feminine mix is something I seriously live for in any and all outfits. All this look needs is a slightly oversized Acne studios black leather jacket and you’ve got yourself an all-day-everyday-lewk. 

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Blue Jeans Styled 4 Ways

With Melbourne’s weather doing what it does best this week (aka change between hot/cold/windy & sunny all in a space of 2.5 seconds), I’ve sort of just literally been living in blue jeans – or more specifically these ones from Riders (by Lee Denim). I’ve been changing my top each day to feel a little different but that is pretty much the extent of my fashion-creativity this week. Yep. #basic #sorrynotsorry etcetera etcetera… Anyways – I thought I’d link all my looks for the week here as you guys often ask me for links on my Instagram, so enjoy loves! x 

I wore this look to coffee this morning with mama. We went to Clubhouse in Malvern. I ate the porridge & would 10/10 highly recommend it. The end. Here is my look.


So I found this cool vintage Merc on my street and couldn’t not take a photo in front of it, ya feel? 


Pretty pink house/wall found mid accidentally open-house-inspection-hopping with my gal pals and pre-french-fry eating. You know how it goes. 


Post really-boring-errand-running/coffee-sipping look. 


Anyways, I hope you love this little outfit round-up-post! Let me know if you’d like to see more posts like this!