Street Art & Rose Street

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While endeavouring to complete my assignment due in a couple of days, I couldn’t help but fall into a world of inspiration from my recent Brunswick Street escapades (it is almost like the universe does not want me to complete my assignment (?) and we all know the universe is always right, right? …In which case, it is probably best I don’t bother completing my assignment, or any other assignment due this semester for that matter…). For anyone who has read this, it is quite obvious that I may or may not have spent the weekend taking artsy-insta-worthy* photos in front of cultural-street-art but well who’s judging?

Hats, Culture & Brunch

How to ‘Hats, Culture & Brunch’ like a pro –

  • Step 1: Position yourself in a cultural Melbourne setting; preferably choose a location which has lots of street-art/graffiti – this helps get you in the mood for your super cultural, super indy/arty adventure day.
  • Step 2: Ensure that your ‘Fedora-situation’ is up to scratch – I suggest going with a dark purple/maroon/grey/beige colour; this adds a ‘lil-something’ without distracting from the already-fabulous, flawless outfit.
  • Step 3: Choose a suitable Brunch spot (preferably in the vicinity of the cultural Melbourne setting), where whipping our your DSLR camera will appear somewhat normal and any judgment from innocent bystanders will be minimal
  • Step 4: Pick a friend who wholeheartedly supports and even encourages your love of hats, culture & brunch (perhaps this friend shares common interests and/or just really, really loves you…). Drag your chosen buddy around with you and make them take photos of you in as many locations and positions as possible (variety and versatility is key!)

Monochrome Me Pretty

After a ridiculously exhausting week of running all over the place from attending classes, to coffee dates to office life to endeavouring ‘not to use my home like a hotel’ [quote father] it was safe to say I needed a few effortless fashion basics to get me through all this craziness… (please note: there was no actual running involved in this week, and any reference to running is purely metaphorical and should not be taken literally).

Serendipity + Robb&Lulu

Yesterday as I was gallivanting around Melbourne’s CBD attempting to find solace in my morning coffee (at Manchester Press* in Rankins Lane) and trying to make-up fake ‘errands to run’ so I didn’t have to return home prematurely and learn about ‘how to be an ethical lawyer’ (I am taking a legal practice and ethics** unit this semester at Uni) I found myself stumbling upon what has got to be the most amazing boutique in the CBD.

Brunch & Flowers Just Because

A few quick snaps from this weekend in Melbourne featuring Porgie & Mr. Jones’ catch-up brunch with my absolute nearest and dearest, pretty flowers I saw in the city whilst ‘running errands’ @ work but actually just drinking coffee & taking photos & a few things currently lying around in my room pre Sunday-arvo-cleanup (also known as procrasti-cleaning; where cleaning is > than learning)…

Ciao x

Macaroons, Tea & Multitasking

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This morning’s multitasking included watching re-runs of the ever inspiring and always-fashionable Carrie Bradshaw, whilst endeavouring to organise my life/ bedroom/ calendar/ diary/ existence and attempting to slowly but surely prepare myself mentally (but more importantly, physically) for a big day of learning (not really) at uni. Whilst in this ridiculous state of mind I found myself falling into a world of inspiration where it was obvious that there was no chance any of the above activities would be completed and instead it was far more logical to conduct an impromptu photo-shoot of some of the beautiful pieces and things I had received over recent months (**Details below photos).

Lackadaisical Mondays

MONDAY: We meet again… another fun-filled; cocktail-induced weekend of gallivanting around Melbourne becomes all but a distant memory. Gone are the moments of spontaneity and letting loose and all that is left is a discouraging floor-drobe reminding me of the fight I had with my wardrobe on Friday night, pre-Chapel-Street-adventures.

There is something so lackadaisical, even soul crushing about the commencement of a Monday. The sun doesn’t shine as bright on a Monday, coffee doesn’t taste as good on a Monday and well, forget about any possibility of a good hair day (especially after a big weekend of leaving your wallet at the club and your dignity on the dance-floor) because that is just not going to happen for you on a Monday.

Although there is no cure to Monday-itis, my perfectly placed (and by no means pre-organised) collection of tiffany-blue favourites is slightly subsiding the pain. Not to mention my morning tea tastes so much better served in elegant, classical, Royal Albert China…It is unlikely I will ever drink from a normal teacup again.

Ciao x

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Something Wicked This Day Comes

Borsch, Vodka & Tears** – starring the ‘best of the 80’s’ in the form of an over-embellished neckpiece…

Please meet the best vintage necklace I have ever found in my mum’s closet to date (note: she has a big closet so it is plausible that I may find something better at a later point in time…) & a collection of a few photographs I took whilst sipping on ‘Something wicked this day comes’ and eating authentic eastern European cuisine.

**Think, romanticised bar like restaurant with obscure mismatched interior, a cocktail list longer than your ‘To Do’ list and waiters who may or may not be of Polish/Russian decent…

Enjoy x

Spontaneous Mid-week Road Trip

What uni? What job? A spontaneous mid-week road trip to Healesville seems like a far more logical way to spend our hump day. What else were four 20-something girls meant to do with this mid-winter-sunshine, an available car and a CD filled with 90’s hits? We simply did not have any other choice but to get in that car, sing-along to that music, drink that coffee and go on an adventure.

While in Healesville, we visited the beautiful Innocent Bystander Winery; TarraWarra Estate Winery and yes we may or may not have taken every single opportunity possible to embark on an impromptu photo-shoot but, well, you can decide for yourself whether or not that was the case…

ENJOY x x x