Desperately craving warmer days, but will instead settle for glimpses of Melbourne’s winter sun. I am currently in the process of planning a few little trips over the next couple of months so thought I would test out this little Faithfull the brand dress that I will most definitely be taking with me… The pattern and cut are just so flattering, I absolutely lovvvvveeee. I chucked my old faithful Acne cardi over the top because, Melbourne and one of my favourite basket bags from Polish brand Roboty Reczne.

Never not without my Reid Cycles vintage bike, as its the perfect way to get from A to B. Oh and I chose the sage colour because it goes with all my outfits haha #InstaLife #WishIWasKidding

Sunday Story

As the week hits its hump, I wanted to share a few dreamy photographs from the weekend that was. I spend Sunday doing all sorts of Sunday things, like early morning coffee catch-up with friends, followed by Camberwell Market visits and freshly-cut flower pick-ups. I also had a little revelation that my Sundays’ are about 10 times better with a vintage-inspired Papillionaire bicycle in it. Operating not only as my newest mode of transportation, it has indeed become my latest fashion accessory. Plus the cheeky little wooden basket is the perfect level of chic and sturdy to carry all my little Sunday things.



With summer finally somewhat in full swing, I’ve been eager to ride around in my newest mode of transportation aka my custom made Papillionaire vintage-inspired bicycle. I mean, I’m practically one French baguette and a bunch of freshly cut flowers off being a true Parisian or something like that… Either way, this funky new way of getting from A to B is totally for me (hashtag can rhyme). And don’t even get me started on this chic basket, leather-crafted saddle situation. Plus, the copper detailing and cream exterior totally compliment my outfit choices… just sayin’.