Uniqlo Linen

There is nothing I love more than a light linen shirt for spring/summer, especially one that is available in every colour/size/shape imaginable. UNIQLO’s consistent variety of high quality pieces always cease to amaze me, and this month all eyes are on their amazing linen range. A range so good I could barely stop at one (I got this shirt in sky blue & blush pink too!) I styled this neutral shade with straight leg denim, an oversized basket bag (souvenir for myself from Bali) and cream sling-backs.

The Cheapest “IT-Bag” You’ll Ever Buy


Blue Jean Baby


On Film

SKIRT | THE FIFTH (similar)

Where To Go For All Your Beauty Needs

Having always sort of taken a less nothing is more approach to my beauty routine, I learnt early on that in order to be this embarrassingly lazy when it comes to beauty things, you need to have a strong base… and by that I mean if you are going to wear barely any make-up on a good day, your skin better be on point. I’m talking perfectly smooth, glow-y, and preferably hairless



We took these snaps today somewhere in between sipping on skinny capps at The Kitchen @ Weylandts (future-apartments-goals – for real though) and strolling through Abbotsford in the very welcomed almost spring sun. Albeit prematurely, I couldn’t help but slip into a new favourite slip topa slightly oversized pinstripe blazer and some old school light-wash Levis. All in all, an absolutely splendid Sunday.

[Disposable Week]

Having always loved to take photos, be in photos or even just be around when photos are happening, it was no surprise that I found myself taking photos (albeit primarily of myself) for a living, what was a surprise though is that between all the content production, collaborations, photoshoots and I guess really what should actually be referred to as ‘work’ (although it never really feels that way), I sometimes forget to take photos – just for the sake of taking photos! You know, the kind of shots you take purely for memories or just because. So with a sudden urge to get back into taking photos just because – I thought I’d bring around a disposable camera with me for a week to encourage me to take more photos just for fun! Plus, a disposable camera felt so very fitting as when I was a kid I could barely get enough of them. I would quite literally bring a disposable camera to school/camp/any-somewhat-social-activity-happening-in-the-life-of-a-10-year-old and the spend the following week begging my mum to go get it developed ASAP. Ironically, a lot of the photos I took were of myself all dressed up in different outfits I had put together using clothes from my mums wardrobe or clothes that I had made – but that is a story for another day. So anyways, here you have it – my week from the eyes of a disposable camera. The quality is kind of questionable, compared to the usual DSLR and I chose not to edit or process any of the photos, which again I thought was a nice change from my more curated content.

How To Keep Warm In Melbourne

As the weather begins to [far-too-quickly] drop in Melbourne, I wanted to share with you a piece from UNIQLO that I have been wearing to help keep warm. Apart from being a super chic fashion item available in literally every single colour imaginable, the Ultra Light Down Jacket is water repellant and surprisingly really warm. I say surprisingly as it actually doesn’t feel overly thick! Also, as an aside, it comes with a little compact pouch that you can squeeze the entire jacket into! So it is super easy to transport in your handbag – so clever! Anyways, to say that I am a fan would probably be an understatement – I had a wedding in the Yarra Valley this weekend and barely took this jacket off!

Where To Go For All Your Wardrobe Basics

Having [not-so-quietly] been obsessed with GRANA for some time now, I really cannot rave about their high-quality/crazy-reasonable-prices enough. Whether it is linen, cotton, silk or cashmere I am after, I continuously tend to look no further than GRANAWith high quality basics, such as tees and easy to layer tops, taking up a huge chunk of my wardrobe, I really do like to have heaps of options, colours and styles ready to go and GRANA makes this super easy. For most of my outfits, I always start with a base, usually being some comfortable denim, with a raw hem and cut that suits my mood of the day. I then add a basic top, whether this be a tee, silk cami or shirt, more often than not it is GRANA. From here I build up the outfit, adding accessories and jewellery that suits my vibe for the day or works for the activities and things I’ll be doing that day.