Fluorescent Peach

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Remember that time here where I mentioned I would [quote myself] ‘dedicate some kind of blog post to my fluorescent-peach fingernails’ – well, tonight just so happens to be, that chosen night! Amid taking photos pre-Melbourne City adventures in my beautiful Bijou the Label kimono over the weekend, I may have convinced my favourite (and may I remind you – ONLY) adult- brother to snap a few photographs of said fluorescent-peach fingernails.

90’s Baby, Denim Crazy

Amid the craziness that was my week, there is always time for shopping…

One of my subjects this semester at Uni focuses on the management of internationally recognized, high quality-low cost brands and how they have rapidly infiltrated the fashion industry over the past decade. My most recent assignment for this unit focuses on a case study regarding the brand H&M (best…subject…EVER!!) and whilst everyone else seems to be sticking to the assigned case study (??), I felt it necessary to, lets say, take matters into my own hands… You know, do a bit of my own research… and by research I really just mean spend the afternoon shopping at H&M… But, well, it was a necessary process for my learning – and my grades will thank me for it later (my bank account, however, will not).

Nostalgia Induced Evening

When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping*…

After an excruciatingly long working week of multitasking my way through life, it is so nice to take five minutes (or perhaps an entire Friday night) to relax and rejuvenate** for a very busy weekend ahead. Today as I was strutting my stuff through the city, (actually just running errands for my boss), and drinking my tall-skinny-latte like it was nobody’s business, I couldn’t help but reminisce on some of my (what feels like recent, but actually seven months ago) travelling adventures.

Street Art & Rose Street

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While endeavouring to complete my assignment due in a couple of days, I couldn’t help but fall into a world of inspiration from my recent Brunswick Street escapades (it is almost like the universe does not want me to complete my assignment (?) and we all know the universe is always right, right? …In which case, it is probably best I don’t bother completing my assignment, or any other assignment due this semester for that matter…). For anyone who has read this, it is quite obvious that I may or may not have spent the weekend taking artsy-insta-worthy* photos in front of cultural-street-art but well who’s judging?

Smoothie-Culture & Melbourne

The smoothie-culture in Melbourne is no laughing matter; students, teenagers, & lots of easily influenced women (same ones who think ‘cosmopolitan magazine is the bible’) have spent morning after morning waking up to the sound of violently blended fruit. Nothing says ‘good morning’ quite like the sound of your entire fridge contents being pulverised into a thick-fruity-juice-like-consistency.

We smoothie-fanatics are well and truly under the impression that fruit, nuts, yogurt, honey, milk – really anything – will only taste good and be of any health or benefit to our body only after it has been crushed, blended, & combined into what we like to call the ‘healthy smoothie’. Without this healthy smoothie in our life how would we keep fit? How would we get our daily intake of dairy, fruit and veg? What would one use a blender for if not simply to make a smoothie? These are all questions we smoothie-enthusiasts do not feel comfortable answering nor even acknowledging. We are simply not ready to imagine a world without smoothies.

It is likely that I am a not-so-closeted smoothie-addict; and also that I am one blended-fruit drink off proclaiming: ‘Hi, my name is Jess and I am a smoothie-addict’ to a room full of ashamed ‘smooth-aholics’… but, well, that is a conversation for another day… Meanwhile, to all my fellow smoothie-lovers here is a collection of some photos I took of my favourite morning blends.