Ice-Cream Chronicles

First things first, I have officially FINISHED EXAMS = aka the crazy-library/law-induced-madness is over. No more sleepless nights or cramming study situations – well until next semester – but we shall cross that 73643-page-taxation-law-textbook-bridge when we get there – until then – I’ve been celebrating all sorts of little victories with late night ice-cream runs and funky outfit combos.

Weekend Dining

JESSALIZZI 7_collage

From suburbia strolling to outfit-of-the-day shooting, this weekend was all kinds of good times. My babe-of-a-best friend/fellow-culinary-adventurist Katarina and I headed down to Mr. Miyagi in Chapel st, Windsor for a night of Japanese-fusion dining and white chocolate cold drip espresso Martini sipping [best in town just FYI]. With a line out the door and around the corner, literally (and I actually mean literally), 7 nights a week, this place really is da best for all things modern, delicious and cheeky, as #MrMSays.

Damn This Wine Be Fine

jessicaalizzi 5 Goooood Evening Everyone! After spending all weekend binge watching Orange Is The New Black studying very studiously for my final exam on Tuesday, I was in dire need of a little Sunday afternoon pick-me-up to get the creative juices flowing; the productivity flying… or something like that anywaysplus, my family and I were having homemade pumpkin, chorizo and tomato pizza for dinner (my dad is Italian) and what goes with pizza? Damn Fine Wine, that’s what! So without further ado, I decided to crack open a few bottles and conduct somewhat of an in-house (LITERALLY) wine tasting in my lounge room (…with the help of some very willing self-proclaimed wine connoisseurs of course – cue said family). AND WELL – The results are in, the majority has spoken; we all concur, this wine is finer than fine! In fact, we loved the wine so much, we cracked open a bottle of champagne to celebrate. Yep, it really was just one of those afternoons.

Better Than James Bond



HAPPY ALMOST FRIDAY Everyone! With the weekend looming, and having spent the entire week studying/working/reading/lecture-ing/coffee-ing/not-sleeping and content creating, it is always good to unwind over the weekend. Everyone’s definition of unwinding is different; mine just so happens to be cocktails with babes. If you are much the same, then it is your lucky day! As I have taken the guesswork out of where to go for reasonably priced cocktails, good atmosphere and a killer location in Melbourne! BOND MELBOURNEnewly redone cocktail bar/restaurant/club/event-place is simply amazing! I tried and tested what were probably a few too many cocktails, but hey – someone had to do the hard work! My favourites were the Espresso Milk Bottle, oh and the Blood Orange Cap, oh and the rest? Might I just suggest you try one of each?!

Flower Power Juice Life

jessalizzi karmic 1

I’m not really what you would call a ‘ health and fitness type, in fact, to be entirely honest – the last time I did any sort of physical exercise (shopping excluded), I had more pimples than you could count, long, frizzy hair and was sporting (#puns) non other than a pair of Target pink & white volleys to go with my ever-so-chic P.E class attire… There was also that stint a couple of year’s back where I worked as a retail assistant at Nike. I was totally convinced that my sharp new get-up would get me training my butt off in no time, but for some reason the old exercising-life has just never really been for me. All the sweating, the early mornings, the ridiculously overpriced gym-fees – I just cannot get around it!