Nespresso Creations

If you have been following my blog for a bit now, you would probably know that I was recently forced to endure a dreadfully long exam period. There was a lot of complaining, a lot of coffee and a lot of procrasti-eating, but my dear friends, the time has come for me to burn close all my books, frolic in the sun and enjoy the summer because people… I am officially a free wo-man!!

Old School Chuck Taylors

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Yesterday’s daytime adventures included old-school Chuck Taylors, all berry smoothies, an exotic setting* and minimal football [apparently yesterday was the AFL Grand Final…] To avoid being extradited from the family home, here are my ‘sincerestcongratulations to Hawthorn for winning the Grand Final, but that is all I plan to say on that topic… Moving along, the girls decided to leave the boys inside to do their thing whilst we went outside, attempted to rid our skin of its pale winter/ghost-like glow & set up a little fruity picnic featuring more grass than picnic-blanket.

Temporary Sunshine Situation

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Firstly, I would like to apologise for the lack of posts this week; with pre-exam-period anxiety looming over me, it is becoming quite apparent that I have indeed a lot of catching-up to do, you know, just like – 10 weeks worth of theory & content...(oops) But who’s counting right? This therefore has meant minimal city adventures, dining experiences & shopping escapades – and my instagram page has unfortunately seen more ‘throw-back’ photos in the past week then it has in the last year but the [surprising] Melbourne sunshine gives me hope that warm summer nights, long walks on the beach and my summer-induced smoothie-addiction is in fact very near.