Fashion Survival


Good ‘long-weekend’ Evening Everyone! I’ve just about reached that time in the semester where my need to eat healthy, shower, leave the house, be a normal human being existing in our society, etcetera, etcetera – goes completely out the door, and all that is left is my primal need to funnel as much information as humanely possible into my seemingly empty brain. Yep – it is in fact, exam period, SWATVAC, hermit-month – call it what you will, but either way it is here and I have entered survival mode; aka a time where I spend all day eating chocolate and making mental deals with myself in exchange for treats like more sweet food and Hugh Grant movies. Luckily for me, somewhere in between all the online lectures, 850 page textbooks, 75 page case studies and excessive amount of unnecessary highlighters, I was invited to the Collins 234 Fashion Blogger Event. I decided that it was event not to be missed; so I slapped on some make-up, an all white/cream outfit featuring my latest That Online Boutique Knit, a crisp black hat & olive-green coat and inspector-gadget-ed myself all the way over to Collins Street with a few other Blogger Babes.

Confusing Fashion Advice

jessalizzi action

Recently, I was lucky enough to be invited to the book launch of ‘IMPRESSIVE’; the new book by Kirstie Clements’ (former editor-in-chief of Vogue Australia)! Thrilled with the opportunity to meet somewhat of a celebrity, or at the very least, an Australian style icon (!!), I was totally perplexed on what to wear! I wanted to look professional, without looking boring; fashionable, without looking mainstream; and chic, without looking overdone. Because, if there is one thing I know about the ‘high-fashion’ industry (and truthfully… I don’t really know that much at all), it is never, and I mean NEVER, look overdone. Always appear carefree, fresh, – Parisian even – like you have put as little effort in as plausibly possible and that it is actually a possibility that you just woke up. So, well, with that unnecessarily confusing self-advice in mind – that was exactly the look I was going for…