Summer Berry Indulgence


There are a few things in life that come quite easy to me; things such as spending money, shopping for any/all social occasions, bossing people around (I actually prefer to refer to this as ‘delegating’), and cramming entire semesters into two-week exam periods…yep, piece of cake (pun, entirely intended). Things that do not come quite as easily to me? Well… Baking, cooking, being in and/or anywhere near a kitchen; really anything to do with that part of the house is just a danger hazard literally waiting to happen. It always ends in a breakage, a fire alarm and there was that one time I undercooked some chicken… but that is a story for another daySO when Nespresso Coffee asked to do a second collaboration with me (!!!), I decided it probably best I leave it up to the experts… and the experts being my lovely family members (unsure why I didn’t get any of those ‘cooking-genes’… perhaps they are still coming). I did however enter the kitchen a couple of times, mainly to decorate the cake, and whip up some Nespresso Espresso’s for Katarina and I, so I feel like I helped to some very small degree…

Total Mix Match

jess_alizzi main photo

After receiving an amazingly positive response from my blog post last week of lost images that didn’t quite have a place in previous posts, I decided to totally make this a weekly Sunday-night thing. I spent majority of this week frequenting hipster-hangouts (AKA some of the best cafes in Melbourne) with my nearest and dearest babes, job-hunting for a Christmas-casual position (brunch is expensive), trying (and failing) to keep up with the ever-changing weather climate, watching my boys Sebastian-Gresham busk at Batman Markets in Coburg and working on my soon-to-be bronzed complexion.

Let’s Go To The Beach

JESS_ALIZZI  dream catcher

If you follow me on instagram, you may already be aware that Tatiana and I took a mini road trip down to Brighton Beach a couple of days ago. As usual, with me [and my unfortunate lack of any geographical knowledge], the day was anything but ordinary, between getting lost, packing more towels than sense, and my fear of the actual water (I’m more of a ‘lie on the sand and observe from afar’ kind of gal), the day was an adventure to say the least. After enjoying the beach tanning, talking and tanning, for a few hours we decided to go grab a bite to eat. What was originally going to be a fruit salad and juice, turned into a dirty street pie BURGER* outside a (somewhat classy) take-away joint. But whatever, we drank like 5 coconut waters so I feel like that counts for something.

FRIYAY & Animal Print

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I have had an awfully busy afternoon – between catching up with the latest dramas on Made in Chelsea NYC, painting my fingernails fluorescent-peach (looks better than it sounds, I promise) and organising outfits for this weekends adventures it is safe to say I really do have my hands full (I know, I know, I am so punny*). Friday – more like FRIYAY – am I right people? Okay I am done, I promise.

Nostalgia Induced Evening

When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping*…

After an excruciatingly long working week of multitasking my way through life, it is so nice to take five minutes (or perhaps an entire Friday night) to relax and rejuvenate** for a very busy weekend ahead. Today as I was strutting my stuff through the city, (actually just running errands for my boss), and drinking my tall-skinny-latte like it was nobody’s business, I couldn’t help but reminisce on some of my (what feels like recent, but actually seven months ago) travelling adventures.

Law Ball Love

For any normal person ‘The Weekend(!!!)’ entails long sleep ins, afternoon walks with the family dog, reading rubbish magazines and re-watching old family favourites, however as a third year law student with zero mid-week motivation, one too many part-time jobs and far more coffee-date plans than sense, it is unlikely that I will be spending any down time with the family pet* this weekend.

From Japan, With Love

One of my most precious friends, Katarina, just got back from Japan (she was only gone for two weeks but I swear it felt like ten…) and what better way to celebrate her return then to go and dine at one of the newest and most sought-after cafes in Melbourne… The Kettle Black in South Melbourne. The food wasn’t really for us, but the interior, atmosphere and overall décor definitely was (and not to mention her company is always perfect), but well, they can’t all get it right can they?