To Know: GlamCorner

With a personal style I would describe as ‘kind-of casual, definitely not fancy’, I, perhaps not surprisingly, don’t often find myself wearing a ‘fancier’ type of dress. Ya know the kind of fancy dress one wears with a pair of stilettos, pretty dangling earrings and a fresh spray tan… You see it’s not that I don’t like this style of dressing, it is more so that whenever there is an event that may warrant this type of look, I somewhat conveniently always air on the side of casual and somehow still end up draped in oversized cardigans and denim… I guess we all have our thing. But truth be known, the main and most likely key reason I usually always rock up way to casual to, well everything – is that I really just don’t own those fancier kind-of-clothes. That and well, I guess I do feel more comfortable dressing casual, but ya know sometimes it is nice to feel fancy once in a while too. So I think I may have found the solution for myself and hopefully anyone else who is in a similar fashunn situation… Here we go, are you ready for it? Brace yourself… Okay so the answer is – GLAMCORNERYep, there you have it. A RENT, WEAR, RETURN designer dress hiring service with over 2000 + dresses on offer to RENT. So pretty much you don’t actually need to ever OWN any of the fancy clothes to feel fancy, you can just rent them for the night or the week or whatever you need really. It is seriously that easy!