Sports Luxe Chic

jessicaalizzi 4

T30 Full Length Workout Legging by Target T30 Performance Sweat Top by Target / T30 Strap Back T-Shirt by Target   

I’m not really a big gym-junky-sweat-it-out kind of gal, but I do enjoy the occasional green juice/nike-free-run/walk-with-the-family-dog*-on-a-Saturday-morning situation, and well, I like to look fashionable when appearing active, so I usually take a bit of a sportsluxe/activewear kind of approach to my look. Sometimes (depending on the level of my [lack-of] physical exercise) I’ll look a bit more sporty, whereas other times, it’s more sporty-luxe-chic… Aka – probably not appropriate gym wear. Either way, here is how I transition between the two looks using a few of my favourites from Target’s Active Wear collection.