Sunshine Weekend Wear



Back amongst my favourite cherry blossoms, pretending this weekends sunglass-weather-summertime-sunshine-situation is indeed (/hopefully/potentially/please?) here to stay, but thankful for its temporary appearance nonetheless. This weekend I was all about transitional oversized pieces, mixed in with the expected (lacy black pointy flats + jeans) and the unexpected (60’s inspired summer dress over jeans). I opted for an apricot over black handbag for a point of difference and created shape in the oversized dress with my favourite go-to chunky Oroton belt.

Denim All Days, Always

jessicaalizzi 11

It is no surprise to most that when it comes to denim, I am an all or nothing all kind of girl, aka – I will literally drape myself in all denim, all the time – regardless of miscellaneous (read: unnecessary) factors such as dress codes and/or weather conditions. To me, denim is simply everything. And when it comes high-wasted, ripped, distressed and dyed to perfection – well, that’s when you know you found yourself a winner (cheers, Dricoper Denim, you babes totally know how to denim)

Repurpose Summer Wardrobe

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HELLO! Welcome back! It has been a while (8 days to be exact), since my last post! A few things have changed since then, well I finished my exams for one, and well, I am now officially 22 years old (…but more on this later). Meanwhile, the sunshine may be glistening here in Melbourne, creating insta-worthy backdrop reflections and pretty photographic moments, but unfortunately – it is anything BUT warm. In fact, the last time I felt this cold; I was shivering on the side of road, draped in fur and various other materials, trying to hail a cab outside the meatpacking district in Copenhagen, Denmark. Yep. THAT COLD.

Dear Autumn Sunshine, Love Jessica

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Good Evening Everyone! After typing more words than I could possibly talk in a day (trust me when I say – this is really saying something), my ability to create structured sentences that don’t include the words ‘Family Law Act’ or ‘legislation‘ is proving to be somewhat difficult. However, with the autumn sunshine and this afternoon glow on my side (…and front and back…), I will do my best…

VAMFF Fash-un Fix


WHAT A WEEK! #VAMFF Fashion Week has well and truly taken off, with only a couple of days remaining, I thought I best drop a few lines over here to keep you all sufficiently informed. Between more outfit changes, more bubblies & more canapé-sized mushroom risotto meals in the last two days than I’ve experienced in my entire life, it’s no surprise that the only things keeping me remotely sane are the stunningly flawless outfits making their way through the runway and onto the streets. All the late nights, early mornings, emergency shopping escapades, and milk-less coffee moments are so worth it for that designer fash-un fix. Below I’ve included some details of the runway shows I’ve seen so far, as well as what I wore (because, Melbourne. Street. Style) so have a little scroll, and let me know which outfit you preferred below! For real-time runway footage head to my INSTAGRAM or @WestfieldDoncaster Instagram page (as last night I took over their account!)

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 9.33.16 pm

Pretty in Pink

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After a very long day in the office spent business planning, tarot-card reading, Wagamama dining and website developing (awfully conventional office team we are…), this evenings wind-down called for a pretty pink party featuring lolly-bag treats from Saturday night adventures (thanks Penelope, you’re a doll) and a sugar-induced headache like no other. But there is nothing women regret more than the shoes they didn’t buy or the pretty pink sweets they didn’t eat – and luckily for me – I like to live a life with no regrets…

In Case of Fashion Emergency

When life gives you lemons, sell them & go buy pretty things*…

This morning as I was half cleaning out/half throwing more into my favourite on-the-go, monochrome-perfection clutch handbag, I decided that all my life necessities (yes, they are ALL necessities) looked so pretty lying all over my desk all clueless at how much I need them and that they really did deserve some blogger-recognition, because without these necessities… well I would be nothing…

Serendipity + Robb&Lulu

Yesterday as I was gallivanting around Melbourne’s CBD attempting to find solace in my morning coffee (at Manchester Press* in Rankins Lane) and trying to make-up fake ‘errands to run’ so I didn’t have to return home prematurely and learn about ‘how to be an ethical lawyer’ (I am taking a legal practice and ethics** unit this semester at Uni) I found myself stumbling upon what has got to be the most amazing boutique in the CBD.

Bad Hair Day

Don’t mind my hair, I just had a fight with my straightener…

My hair and me do not get along; in fact we haven’t gotten along for years. Unfortunately I was born with the condition known as naturally curly/frizzy hair. I wake up every morning with the hope that maybe today is the day… maybe today the universe has finally realised that it made a mistake all those years ago and finally it has blessed me with the hair I so desperately deserve… I am still (ever-so-patiently) waiting for that day. I am literally one bad hair moment off investing in a wig and calling it a day.