Confusing Fashion Advice

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Recently, I was lucky enough to be invited to the book launch of ‘IMPRESSIVE’; the new book by Kirstie Clements’ (former editor-in-chief of Vogue Australia)! Thrilled with the opportunity to meet somewhat of a celebrity, or at the very least, an Australian style icon (!!), I was totally perplexed on what to wear! I wanted to look professional, without looking boring; fashionable, without looking mainstream; and chic, without looking overdone. Because, if there is one thing I know about the ‘high-fashion’ industry (and truthfully… I don’t really know that much at all), it is never, and I mean NEVER, look overdone. Always appear carefree, fresh, – Parisian even – like you have put as little effort in as plausibly possible and that it is actually a possibility that you just woke up. So, well, with that unnecessarily confusing self-advice in mind – that was exactly the look I was going for…

Fluorescent Peach

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Remember that time here where I mentioned I would [quote myself] ‘dedicate some kind of blog post to my fluorescent-peach fingernails’ – well, tonight just so happens to be, that chosen night! Amid taking photos pre-Melbourne City adventures in my beautiful Bijou the Label kimono over the weekend, I may have convinced my favourite (and may I remind you – ONLY) adult- brother to snap a few photographs of said fluorescent-peach fingernails.

Law Ball Love

For any normal person ‘The Weekend(!!!)’ entails long sleep ins, afternoon walks with the family dog, reading rubbish magazines and re-watching old family favourites, however as a third year law student with zero mid-week motivation, one too many part-time jobs and far more coffee-date plans than sense, it is unlikely that I will be spending any down time with the family pet* this weekend.


Days where I am not running ’round town trying to find Melbourne’s best brew or the perfect smashed avo and feta on toast, I am busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen…And by ‘cooking’ what I actually mean is I can make salads, smoothies, and the occasional self-assembled sandwich… But we will attend to my cooking abilities (or lack thereof) in due course. Here is a compilation of all the pretty-foody things that come out of my kitchen when I am supposed to be studying but find myself procrasti-eating/cooking/baking instead… Enjoy *x

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Shopping with my Family

Sometimes I like to drag my whole family around with me when I am doing not-so-serious shopping (whole family being dad, mum and adult brother.) Our expeditions always start out so promising, we sit down for coffee and cake, I ramble on about the 43 new items I must buy in that day otherwise I won’t be able to leave my house ever again as I simply have nothing to wear and my family nods and laughs and pretends they are incredibly interested when really they think I am a melodramatic crazy person with far too much time on my hands.

After we have successfully filled every inch of our being with coffee and cake we begin our journey through the shopping centre. Most days the men will hang back and let the women do all the hard work, but every now and then my dad likes to play an active role in my wardrobe and feels it necessary to share his unrequested opinion. This usually involves him pulling out the most ugly dress in the store, holding it against his own torso and confidently exclaiming ‘Darling… how about this one?’ Not only do I find it completely insulting that he thinks he could even attempt to pick something out for me that I would like, he also always picks up a dress about 5 sizes too big and with patterns and colours I really would not be caught dead in. I really do love shopping with my family, in fact I love doing everything  with my family but I like it better when my dad takes more of a ‘silent partner’ role in the whole shopping experience… you know what I mean; keeps his dress-sense (or lack thereof) to himself but invests money when necessary.

Women and their Handbags

Why I Need so Many Handbags

In my closet currently live approximately 75 different handbags that I have collected during my time on this earth. Over time I have been able to accumulate a wide variety of handbags all with equal importance and necessity in my wardrobe. Some I may have picked up on sale at shops like Sportsgirl for $10 whilst others caused me to get into debt… well with myself anyway… but that’s a whole different story…