MSFW, Let’s Do This

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AND WE ARE OFF! With the opening on Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW) on 28th August, located in, non-other, than Melbourne’s iconic Lt. Bourke Street. Between the hustle and bustle of David Jones on one side contrasting the sparkly storefronts of the Emporium Melbourne on the other, the perfectly flawless fashion coming down the Melbourne-laneway-runway (only in Melbourne… am I right people?) was almost just a bonus. With Dion Lee’s pop-of emerald green gracefully moving down the runway, and White Suede showing us How To Do dressy-but-casual-but-chic, like it’s nobodies business, the show was so, totally, for me.

Marshmallow Meets Fashion

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Last night I attended Adair Boutique – “Art meets Fashion”* Runway Show as part of MSFW at Melbourne Public Bar in South Wharf. All the garments were really beautiful, but it was the artwork hanging from the ceiling of the bar which really caught my attention – think Babe Walker** outfit scribbles in White Girl Problems’. If fashion wasn’t enough (fashion is ALWAYS enough) my night came with dessert too… And so I attended my Nonna’s 86th buffet-dinner-birthday-celebration in the only way I know how, by beginning and ending my ‘dinner’ with dessert. 

Inspired & Tailored-To-Perfection

‘I’m all about that BASS FASHION’*

Last night I attended MSFW @ Melbourne Town HallDesigner Show Runway One with my best friend Katarina (also known as pretty friend who enjoys brunch and travelling to Japan…here). The show was amazing to say the least – think monochrome Carla Zampatti gowns, Anaessia ballerina-style-wedding-gown luxury and Chuck Bass inspired-tailored-to-perfection suits by Dom Bagnato… Yep. Absolutely Flawless. Throw in a few Mecca Cosmetica goodies from the MSFW Hub and a couple of free pizzas from Bimbos on Brunswick Street and you’ve got yourself a pretty good Tuesday night.