Uniqlo x IDLF Collection

Happy Friday Guys!

With Autumn well underway here in Melbourne, I am loving the injection of colour into my wardrobe. Although I can never go past red, as you probably already know – I am also getting right around lime green, royal/navy blues and soon maybe even lilac – although at where it stands, that one is still a maybe. Either way, I’ve never really shied away from red and this season is no different. With the new UNIQLO x Ines De La Frassange collection dropping in select stores and online, my picks were anything red, striped, spotted and chic… Which was, well, practically the entire collection, so picking a few favourites turned out to be quite the challenge, but none the less, here were my favourites.

Although almost always a fan of prints/patterns and stripes, this ribbed stripey sweater was a little more bold than my usual vibe, but paired back with UNIQLO x IDLF trousers, I felt it complimented the look perfectly.

What are your picks from the collection? I would love to know, let me know below!

On Film

SKIRT | THE FIFTH (similar)

Melbourne Cup Carnival Launch

jessicaalizzi 1

Just swinging by real quick to share with you a few moments from the Launch of the Melbourne Cup Carnival at Flemington on the 26th October. With my girlie-est baby blue Lover from The Glam Corner lace dress at the ready, my carnival appropriate hat on cue & my DLSR set to snap all the fashion/coffee/dessert-situations – I was indeed totally prepared to launch the Cup in style. Was I prepared for the absolute downpour of rain/crazy-wind-situations? Look, no – not really – but that’s just what Melbourne be likeeee. Plus, we had a few cheeky Emirates umbrellas to keep us somewhat dry, and a couple of Lavazza latte’s did not go astray either.

Tea Drinking Behaviour

jessicaalizzi 2 As a self proclaimed (…and proud) Melbourne coffee-snob, I don’t usually talk much about my tea drinking habits, so much so, that this somewhat excessive tea-drinking behaviour is something I only really share with myself and those closest to me. This is mainly because I would never go out to a café and order a tea – a café does not know how I like my teabag to be dunked, a café does not understand the importance of a 2-5 minute infuse, but more than anything, a café does not have a deliciously excessive collection of Madame Flavour Tea Treats & French Adventures on offer, and as such, all my closet tea drinking ways are confined to the four walls I call home (a cozy little space also known as my bedroom). PLUS Madame Flavour recently collaborated with Smiling Mind, and now there is this funky little app you can use to nourish your mind, body and soul whilst your tea is infusing. I am totally all about this, as well – tea time is me time. Am I right people?!

Sunshine Weekend Wear



Back amongst my favourite cherry blossoms, pretending this weekends sunglass-weather-summertime-sunshine-situation is indeed (/hopefully/potentially/please?) here to stay, but thankful for its temporary appearance nonetheless. This weekend I was all about transitional oversized pieces, mixed in with the expected (lacy black pointy flats + jeans) and the unexpected (60’s inspired summer dress over jeans). I opted for an apricot over black handbag for a point of difference and created shape in the oversized dress with my favourite go-to chunky Oroton belt.

Bloggers Guide To Melbourne Location Scouting

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As most of you would know, fashion and lifestyle blogging has somewhat recently become a big part of my daily existence. Finding insta-worthy locations to shoot my outfits and other crazy antics around Melbourne is an important task, and one that should not be overlooked! I’ll often spend time scouting locations in Melbourne before I unload my car boot filled with clothes, shoes and bags and commit to a location (usually of the white wall, funky door and/or leafy green variety). So with a chunky DLSR in one hand and my honey Carissa from Design by Aikonik in the other, we spent the weekend discovering some of the most insta-worthy photo shoot locations in Melbourne. And as such, I have created somewhat of a visual guide/step-by-step situation below that will hopefully be of assistance next time your outfit is totally on point and you need to snap a picture of it on the ASAP.

Denim All Days, Always

jessicaalizzi 11

It is no surprise to most that when it comes to denim, I am an all or nothing all kind of girl, aka – I will literally drape myself in all denim, all the time – regardless of miscellaneous (read: unnecessary) factors such as dress codes and/or weather conditions. To me, denim is simply everything. And when it comes high-wasted, ripped, distressed and dyed to perfection – well, that’s when you know you found yourself a winner (cheers, Dricoper Denim, you babes totally know how to denim)

From AM to PM

Djessicaalizzi 17

With the recent commencement of yet another University Trimester paving the way for 12 weeks of disorganization, sleepless nights and an excessive amount of caffeinated beverages, getting dressed in the morning quickly becomes yet another daily stressful situation to add to my alarmingly long MUST-SERIOUSLY-DO-TODAY-to-do list (…somewhere in between don’t fail law and attempt to maintain a somewhat active social life…). Between running from class to work to a meeting, back to class, to a coffee date, to an event and then back to the library (side note: I actually do quite a lot of metaphorical running for a person who does no literal running), things can get kind of messy… and by things, I mean my outfit. So, on days, which involve ‘running’, well, I like to keep things simple. ANYWAYS – here is how I wear the same REVIEW CAMBRIDGE FIT & FLARE TRENCH COAT all day long.