Lady In Red [Coat]

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GOOD EVENING EVERYONE! As someone who usually takes a more tonal/monochromatic approach to fashion, it was kind of a surprise how drawn I was to this bright red trench coat. I’m not sure whether it was the effortless movement, the easy-to-wear texture, or perhaps the coats ability to spin, swoosh and fly around with me as I ‘whip my hair back and forth’ as if I am in some kind of atrociously entertaining music video. Either way, this was a winter statement piece that I couldn’t quite help but get my hands on!

Black Leather Shoes Love You

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GOOD EVENING Everyone! Unfortunately I have spent the better part of the last two days in bed recovering from an incredibly stubborn cold/flu/throat situation, so it was really good to get out of the house this afternoon, even just for a little stroll in the park and quick coffee, to shoot my newest pointy-black-statement-leopard shoe babes from Jo Mercer (quickly becoming my absolute favourite shoe store for winter). There are a few things in life you can never really have too many/much of – cawfee (duh); high-quality bed sheets; Hugh Grant movies; summertime sunshine; and of course, black leather shoes. 

Colour and the City

Today I spent the entire day (I am talking 9-5 people) working on my ridiculous amount of assessment tasks all due within the next 3-5 days. (…Every semester I become increasingly suspicious –does my University purposely plan to make all my assignments due on the exact same weekend? Do they think this is some kind of joke? Because I assure you, I, and all the other students who haven’t slept since last week, are not laughing…) Anyways after writing, re-writing, re-wording, deleting, starting again, stopping, drinking too much coffee, and eventually just giving up and watching the Bachelor* instead… I finally completed 1 of my 1 million assessment tasks today…

Red Lipstick

There’s something about red lipstick…

Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 2.26.16 pm

At the beginning of every university holiday period I always write myself a list (I have more lists than bags) of all the things I need to buy, read, visit and eat before the fun is over and my life reverts back to chunky textbooks and far too much green tea per day.

Although I was unable to complete everything on my list (**re-watching every single ‘Friends’ episode in 3 weeks was not an achievable goal) I was able to spend the time and money necessary to make some smart red lipstick purchases. Red lipstick is all too often forgotten about in the world of beauty. Girls are too busy experimenting with the vampy look or the ‘all-natural-everything’ foundation lip colour look and red lipstick just gets put in the corner… and no one puts red-lipstick in the corner (** note: I really need to stop living vicariously through 80s/90s movies). Red lipstick is more than just a pretty lipstick colour… it is a way of life.

Red lipstick gives women a sense of poise, a sense of elegance, a sense of independence, something which you can’t get from any other regular lipstick colour. So to all women everywhere, when you are about to go out into the world, make your mark, give ‘em all you got… or something along those lines… make sure your heels are high, your hair is styled, your coffee is hot, but most importantly your lips are red.