[Disposable Week]

Having always loved to take photos, be in photos or even just be around when photos are happening, it was no surprise that I found myself taking photos (albeit primarily of myself) for a living, what was a surprise though is that between all the content production, collaborations, photoshoots and I guess really what should actually be referred to as ‘work’ (although it never really feels that way), I sometimes forget to take photos – just for the sake of taking photos! You know, the kind of shots you take purely for memories or just because. So with a sudden urge to get back into taking photos just because – I thought I’d bring around a disposable camera with me for a week to encourage me to take more photos just for fun! Plus, a disposable camera felt so very fitting as when I was a kid I could barely get enough of them. I would quite literally bring a disposable camera to school/camp/any-somewhat-social-activity-happening-in-the-life-of-a-10-year-old and the spend the following week begging my mum to go get it developed ASAP. Ironically, a lot of the photos I took were of myself all dressed up in different outfits I had put together using clothes from my mums wardrobe or clothes that I had made – but that is a story for another day. So anyways, here you have it – my week from the eyes of a disposable camera. The quality is kind of questionable, compared to the usual DSLR and I chose not to edit or process any of the photos, which again I thought was a nice change from my more curated content.

Midnight Vibe

jessicaalizzi 1

GOOD EVENING EVERYONE! I just wanted to quickly share a few snaps from the weekend that was. Somewhere in between my usual floral-pick-me-up, brunch/lunch situation and sunshine strolls, I fell madly in love with this star pattern, deep-V necktie dress from Glassons. So much so, that I wore it the entire weekend. Sunday night vino shenanigans included (see my snapchat for the fun stuff – JESSICALIZZI). The fact that the dress retails for a ridiculously reasonable price (if you don’t believe me – see here) was merely a cheeky little bonus, to what was a fantastic purchase. Either way, I’ve been sailor-mooning myself all over town (because that was the vibe I was totally going for…)

Ripped Denim

GOOD EVENING EVERYONE! Just swinging by to share with you my little look of the day. With Melbourne’s warm weather coming to a halt, I figured it was time to rip out (#PUNS) the ripped jeans, chuck on a tee, funky boots & an oversized navy blazer and call it a day… or something like that. Either way, when offered to collaborate with Target Australia again this month, I couldn’t go past this oversized-mum-jean-inspired situation. In fact, I love my newest trendy threads so much, I’m tempted to go back and grab a second pair, especially given the ridiculously reasonable PRICE (less than $50 AUD… I repeat, LESS THAN $50 AUD… Run, don’t walk).

ANYWAYS… VAMFF is done & dusted; it’s time to metaphorically jump back into university life. Sigh. Back to [law-life] reality, but until then – stay tuned for a big VAMFF outfit/runway wrap up… You’ve been warned.

New Year Bling

jessicaalizzi collage

…And so it is here… 2016. Well, to be fair it was here yesterday too…But everyone knows the first day of a new year is best spent nursing a hangover in bed, swearing to never drink ever again ever with family and friends. So forgive my one-day-delay – today’s new year firsts were all about coffee sipping, Fitzroy strolling and mohair loving in my newest cheeky little Christmas purchase.

Found At Target

jessicaalizzi 1 collage

Target White linen shirt / Target Black Denim Shorts

Inspired by the light linen, denim-cut-offs trend this summer, I recreated my favourite Sunday-afternoon-summer-look using pieces from Target’s new summer range. This is my ultimate Sunday-wear outfit. Paired with white sneakers and a take-away coffee in the morning, and dressed up with a strappy black heel, a clutch and a cocktail for the evening, this is an outfit I will quite literally live in. I opted for a monochromatic look, and added a touch of blush (duh!) with my neck ribbon (duh!) and nail polish. As for the perfectly blush coloured roses? Total STEAL, I got 5 bunches for $5 at the Camberwell Market yesterday morning. I know right, what even?


jessicaalizzi collage 4

Awaking to the sound of bucketing rain at approximately 9.00AM this morning, the first official day of Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival, instantly appeared far less appealing. But with my umbrella and definitely-bound-to-fly-away fascinator at the ready, we made the trek out to Flemington to admire all the fashions, and [somewhat unintentionally] ignore all the horses. And, as if the weather totally understood the kind of crazy damage this torrential rain would have done to our fashionable selves, the clouds parted, the sun shined and we arrived at Flemington entirely dry and ready to party…if by party, we mean – take photos of our every single fashionable movement for the next five hours, people watch and marquee hop.

Styling Silk Shirts

jessicaalizzi 6


As the unofficial, self-proclaimed shirt kweeeen of Instagram/life, whenever I find a new shirt brand (particularly one of the high quality, 100% silk variety), I really can’t help but get entirely around it. So, well, you can only imagine my excitement when I recently discovered the brand The Fable. The lux, newly launched shirt label offers a variety of my favourite Spring hues and patterns, at a ridiculously reasonable price, and if you’ve been following along on Instagram recently, you would probably know that I am kind of all about these apricot/blush/tonal hues at the mo (read: Blush is the new black, I repeat – BLUSH is the new BLACK), so The Fable really could not have come at a better time.

Shoe I Am


Whatever the fashion question is, for me, the answer is always black ankle booties with a conventional heel. So much so, that I often find myself adding heeled-booties to almost every single look – it sort of adds this somewhat polished, put together feel (plus a couple of totally necessary extra inches) whilst still remaining comfortable, effortless and totally chic. I add heeled-booties to everything; boyfriend jeans, short shorts, mini-skirts, summer looks – more recently I even wore a ball gown at my law ball with heeled booties (BLOGGED HERE). I just couldn’t commit to a pair of stiletto heels that night – how exactly would I dance/drink/uber/party 7 inches off the ground?! My thoughts exactly.

The Importance of Being Classical

jessicaalizzi 7


There is something so flawlessly chic and necessary about a structured, gold-trim, black bag. So much so, that I couldn’t really imagine my life without one. I mean… where would I carry all my 456 lost bobby pins? Coins that I never use? Loyalty cards for retailers that I never frequent? But most importantly, what exactly would I hang from my right arm?! My thoughts exactly. ANYWAYS, all jokes aside – (side note, in the history of Jessica & Love, ‘all jokes’ have never been put aside) – a structured, high quality, black bag is an absolute wardrobe staple, and without one, any on-the-move female (or fabulously fashionable male) would be completely lost. Having recently discovered the effortlessly sophisticated, elegant and totally chic brand Braun Büffel at a recent event held at Collins 234 Arcade, I sort of jumped on the opportunity to collaborate with them. With a strong intention to create timeless, classical pieces, I knew straight away that the brand was so, totally, for me.

Visual Guide to Noosa Life

jessicaalizzi kimono 2

Here is somewhat of a delayed photo-guide of Noosa-life… I was supposed to post this a couple of days ago but since being back in the real world I’ve been bombarded with nothing but work commitments, compulsory shopping excursions & fashion events (… or really just eventwatch this space…). And so a few days late, but none-the-less entertaining, here is a little run down of what you should do, eat, ride (yes ride…) and look at whilst visiting Noosa (…quite possibly the best holiday destination in Australia… just saying).