GOOD EVENING EVERYONE! Tonight I wanted to share with you my favourite three outfits from the week that was – with the anticipation for VAMFF hanging around since Feb of this year; I could barely contain my excitement! Any week that sees me frolicking around town with my nearest & dearest, changing outfits like it’s going out of fashion (#SoManyPuns) and immersing myself in a week dedicated entirely to up and coming styles and trends – is a week I am going to get right around, #AmIRightLadies?!



With VAMFF right around the corner, HERE, I simply cannot wait to change outfits 10 times a day, see all my favourite blogger babes, and run around like a crazy woman trying to get the best shot of my OOTD / the runway situation / the overall amazingness that is the Royal Exhibition Building. And so, I’m kicking off the first day of VAMFF with a little outfit situation I put together courtesy of one of my favourite Australian designers, Aje. This signature Aje sparkly number paired back with their oversized knitwear, my run-down cons and a blush Mon Purse bucket bag is like a dream-outfit come true. Oh and a peachy coloured rose for good measure, or something like that…

VAMFF Fash-un Fix


WHAT A WEEK! #VAMFF Fashion Week has well and truly taken off, with only a couple of days remaining, I thought I best drop a few lines over here to keep you all sufficiently informed. Between more outfit changes, more bubblies & more canapé-sized mushroom risotto meals in the last two days than I’ve experienced in my entire life, it’s no surprise that the only things keeping me remotely sane are the stunningly flawless outfits making their way through the runway and onto the streets. All the late nights, early mornings, emergency shopping escapades, and milk-less coffee moments are so worth it for that designer fash-un fix. Below I’ve included some details of the runway shows I’ve seen so far, as well as what I wore (because, Melbourne. Street. Style) so have a little scroll, and let me know which outfit you preferred below! For real-time runway footage head to my INSTAGRAM or @WestfieldDoncaster Instagram page (as last night I took over their account!)

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 9.33.16 pm

Stripes, Hats, Etcetera.

jessicaalizzi outfit ig .

GoOoOD early EVENING everybody! Apologies for my somewhat unintentional hiatus this last week, I have somehow managed to already fall eight [class] hours behind at University and it is only week one, so as you can see, I am off to a flying start. Smashing goals even. Etcetera. Etcetera. But moving along to far more important things like this Parisian-inspired-sailor-feel-funky-little-look courtesy of That Online Boutique. I don’t usually wear tops that are overly figure-hugging because I don’t think it really suits me as much as tops with more movement (possibly due to my lack of lady lumps…) but there was something really appealing about this matching stripe-y duo which caught my fancy and made for the perfect outfit for a night on the town with my lovely ladies.