White Christmas



With Christmas only a few days away, I have a few little things I want to share with you! From easy to bake (even for me!) Christmas-inspired shortbread to other foody family traditions, but before that, here is my easy-breezy, budget-friendly Christmas Day outfit. Inspired by the magical European WHITE CHRISTMAS, I figured if not geographically possible, I’d make it fashionably possible. As I prepare to melt on Christmas Day (35 degrees… not chic), I’ve put together an outfit that should hopefully keep me somewhat cool without taking away from the whole fashion thing. Oh, and I say budget friendly, as well, the entire outfit [minus accessories] is from Forever New!

Found At Target

jessicaalizzi 1 collage

Target White linen shirt / Target Black Denim Shorts

Inspired by the light linen, denim-cut-offs trend this summer, I recreated my favourite Sunday-afternoon-summer-look using pieces from Target’s new summer range. This is my ultimate Sunday-wear outfit. Paired with white sneakers and a take-away coffee in the morning, and dressed up with a strappy black heel, a clutch and a cocktail for the evening, this is an outfit I will quite literally live in. I opted for a monochromatic look, and added a touch of blush (duh!) with my neck ribbon (duh!) and nail polish. As for the perfectly blush coloured roses? Total STEAL, I got 5 bunches for $5 at the Camberwell Market yesterday morning. I know right, what even?

Island Of Palm Trees

jessicaalizzi 8_Fotor_Collage

SO – I have arrived! To the island of palm trees, crinkled tees, cool breeze & sunsets for daiz; a place where serious, and I mean serious, shopping is prioritized over beaching and smashed avo is replaced with bowls of street fruit, trusted from ‘hole-in-the-wall’-like places. So yeah – it is totally my kind of place. Besides the lack of smashed avo. I’m totally not about that. Either way – Honolulu, Hawaii is sort of everything I was hoping for and some. I’ve been channeling some serious bra-less beach-vibes and opting for simple silks and cotton tees, instead of my usual crisp white shirt/mum-jean-situation. I don’t usually like denim cut-offs, but I’ve been making a few exceptions there too. Perhaps it is the island; influencing all sorts of sartorial changes, either way – I am totally going with it.

Non-Statement Jewellery

jessicaalizzi 1

Well, HELLO! First things first*, apologies for my totally unplanned 10-day hiatus! With an alarming amount of assignments, exams and other academic expectations looming over me, I’ve barely had time to breathe let along blog, but I’m glad to be back – be it, somewhat temporary (current exam situation: t-minus 2.5 weeks). ANYWAYS – moving on to far more important things like elegant fashion necessities and such.

Shoe I Am


Whatever the fashion question is, for me, the answer is always black ankle booties with a conventional heel. So much so, that I often find myself adding heeled-booties to almost every single look – it sort of adds this somewhat polished, put together feel (plus a couple of totally necessary extra inches) whilst still remaining comfortable, effortless and totally chic. I add heeled-booties to everything; boyfriend jeans, short shorts, mini-skirts, summer looks – more recently I even wore a ball gown at my law ball with heeled booties (BLOGGED HERE). I just couldn’t commit to a pair of stiletto heels that night – how exactly would I dance/drink/uber/party 7 inches off the ground?! My thoughts exactly.

Beach Bum

jessicaalizzi whole outfit 2


 I am not sure whether it is the warm weather, the clear blue sky, or the fact that I’ve had way too many coconuts for a five-day period (…but how many is too many… really?) Either way, I’ve fallen into such a deep love affair with this beautiful beach, I can’t imagine ever feeling comfortable in non-made-for-water-clothes ever again… When I’m not beaching, I’m brunching, so much so that I feel the locals have somewhat accepted me as one of their own… Likely I’ll just have to stay here for a few more weeks*.

Fashionably Late



GOOD AFTERNOON everyone! The sun is shining bright in Melbourne this afternoon, and I’ve been awfully busy relaxing on my balcony enjoying an incredibly photogenic [but unfortunately non-alcoholic] cold beverage, pretending my location is slightly more exotic than Melbourne (LOOK HERE to see!!).

Vote For Me!

JESS_ALIZZI look away

GOOD EVENING wonderful people! Tonight’s blog post is take-me-back-to-those-weekend-vibes (…or perhaps the 90s) themed. With old-school/washed out everything and crisp white Chuck Taylors; I spent yesterday falling in love with the afternoon sunshine and rekindling with pieces in my closet which haven’t seen the light of day in, well years (aka unsure whether I can still pull off a ripped-cropped-light-wash denim mini…). 

My Brunch Game


Jess_alizzi sunglasses straight on

As you all know by now, my brunch game is indeed very strong (if you didn’t know this, you obviously haven’t read this). So it was no surprise, I took one of my most precious friends/ little gypsy goddess (…and that explains the dream catcher…), to one of my favourite brunch houses in the area, Hammer & Tong Fitzroy. There really is nothing quite like a plate of edible flowers on a bed of 5-seed porridge or perhaps a couple of poached eggs with a side of buttermilk fried avocado to kick start a Monday morning… Come to think of it, it’s likely this little brunchers-dream-meal would be ideal for any morning… or afternoon, or night, or dessert. Whatever. I just really like brunch okay? It is kind of like an addiction that I have no desire or intention to fix.

Sunshine Floral Romper

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Today’s blog post features my newest V Front Floral Romper by Lookbook Store. Although recently somewhat deprived from #OOTD photographs, I feel like this post definitely makes up for it. As someone who considers their ‘great love to be indeed, fresh flowers, it is no surprise that I fell deeply in love with this jumpsuit. I guess it was love at first sight really. Between the bright floral flowers, the wrapped V-neck and the fact that it almost looks skirt-like, even though it has the comfortability of shorts – my new little romper and I are a match made in fashion heaven!